Finding Your Parenting Mojo Membership
Important question for parents who have read all the books and blogs and are in all the right Facebook groups...

and yet still find their child’s behavior
drives them up the wall:

If there was a way to never yell at your child again...

without ever reading another parenting book or disappearing down any more Google search rabbit holes...

Would you take a step toward creating the family life of your dreams?

Important question for parents who feel like they have tried everything...

and yet still find their child’s behavior drives them up the wall:
Would you like to stop yelling at your child and

create the family life of your dreams?

(For parents of children aged about 18 months to 6 years)

Say no more: "I wanna have it now!"

You love your child.   

But parenting is just so much harder than you ever thought it would be.  Every time you think you have it under control something changes, and the tools that worked last week to get your child to cooperate just fall flat.

So, you have a choice.  You could keep doing the things you’ve been doing and hope something changes.

You could keep searching for answers in that stack of parenting books on your nightstand, or in the Google rabbit hole, or in the Facebook parenting groups that are full of conflicting advice, most of which is not based on scientific research.

If you’ve tried those things and they’re not working then keep reading…

Because what follows could easily be the most pivotal moment you look back on in a few weeks when your child starts to resist brushing their teeth... and you easily find a solution that works for both of you.

Or when you calmly navigate a meltdown... because you know you will never have to endure a tantrum about this particular issue again.

OK, can we #Realtalk for a minute? 

Does any of this sound familiar:

You ask your child to do something, and they refuse.  Again.

You ask your child not to do something, and they keep doing it - while staring you right in the eye, daring you to make the next move.

You serve the same food at every meal because you're too afraid it'll end up on the floor if you try something new.  (And a new vegetable??  Ha!)
You can't stand that they're on screens for so much of the day, but you need to work, and it's easier to avoid the meltdown that's sure to happen if you say 'no...'

You're so tired of hearing your partner's coercive parenting strategies from the next room, but you can't figure out a way to have a conversation about it without them dismissing you as being a 'pushover.'

With the amount of time, effort, and energy you’ve invested in your children, you deserve a different outcome.  

You deserve to wake up to your child’s pitter-pattering feet coming running down the hallway, and in that moment to want to welcome them into your bed for snuggles, rather than hide from them in the bathroom.

You deserve to know that when your child isn’t happy about something, that you’ll be able to work together to find a solution that leaves you sighing with relief: “Phew.  Meltdown averted, and that solution works for me.”

You deserve to have the family life you’ve always dreamed of, where things just seem easy and playful and fun.  

Where you can spend an evening actually relaxing in front of Little Fires Everywhere instead of half-watching while you desperately hope that searching for “how to stop a child from hitting,” will actually produce something that works.

Where you don’t have to worry that you aren’t a good enough parent or that you’re screwing up your kids.

You ARE a good enough parent.  (That’s why you’re here.)
In just a minute, I'll explain why everything seems so hard right now, and point you toward some ideas to get you on the right track.
But first, may I introduce myself?

If we haven’t met before, I’m Jen.  (And that's Carys)

When I’m not tidying up the ever-expanding whirlwind of stuff that Carys seems to create wherever she goes, figuring out how my own issues from childhood are impacting my relationships, and checking social media from the bathroom, I’m neck-deep in research papers preparing for one of the 120+ podcast episodes I've produced, or helping parents to have the ‘aha’ moment that shifts their whole way of thinking about a particular struggle they’re facing related to parenting.

I have a Master's in Psychology (Child Development) and another in Education.  There are few people working in parenting who draw ideas together from across the child development field as well as far beyond it like I do to help your family.  

I'm also a trained Co-Active Coach, which means I won't just listen to you - I'll really hear.  Then I can suggest a path forward...or just a reframe of your own thinking so the issue no longer seems like a problem.

The 5 reasons you’re stuck with a chronic case of “Everyone Else Seems To Find This Parenting Thing Easier Than I Do” (and how to cure yourself of it once and for all!)
Reason #1: You don’t have the right tools

Let me guess: you’ve read all the parenting books (or, at least you have them stacked up on your nightstand). You might even be enrolled in a parenting course (or two!). But something still just doesn’t seem right.

You’re not completely sure you can trust the tools you’re reading about. How can you know they aren’t just based on one person’s say-so?

And they all just seem so tactical, and one-off: use this hot tip to deal with this problem, and that method to manage this other difficult behavior. There’s no sense of continuity; like everything is ‘fitting together’ logically.

What you need:

Tools that are based in peer-reviewed scientific research, organized in a logical way that gets an immediate ‘win’ followed by some ‘big picture’ work, so you can actually know that the way you’re interacting with your child every day is aligned with your goals and values.

Reason #2: You can’t apply the tools

And then, even if the tools feel right, you get stuck applying them.

You’ve heard the advice to: ‘Be the confident leader. Set the limit and allow your child to have their feelings. Say to your child: “ feel really strongly about that. I hear you.”’

But when you try saying that to your child, the minor meltdown that was just beginning explodes into wailing and flailing of epic proportions.

What did you do wrong?

Should you regroup and try again? Or run away from this method faster than the Dinosaur Train leaves Pteranodon Station?

And if you do abandon it, what do you try next?

What you need:

When you have the right support to apply the research-based tools, ‘failures’ don’t have to remain failures.

I mean, we teach this to our kids, right? That if something doesn’t work the first time you try it, to come back and try a different approach.

When you have someone who can help you tailor the tools to your unique family’s needs, you’re not failing: you’re stumbling, pivoting, and succeeding.

Reason #3: You don’t have time

You’re already stressed to the max, rushing through breakfast in the morning while you try to get your child logged onto their school Zoom Circle Time at the same time as you’re logging in (late again!) to the first of your back-to-back Zoom calls.

If the only time you have to check Facebook during the day right now is when you’re on the toilet, how could you possibly fit in one more activity?

What you need:

You need more time. And the thing is that when you’re not constantly nagging, bribing, negotiating, and cajoling your child, you can actually create time.

And not just any old time: time when you (and your child!) are in a good mood! Time you could use to snuggle with them on the couch. Or play a board game.

Or just enjoy some quiet time alone to finally do a meditation on Headspace or Calm that you bought a year ago and haven’t opened since.


Reason #4: Your partner isn’t on board

This is tricky, no doubt. You’ve done all the research.
You stopped bribing your child to eat their vegetables with the promise of dessert.

You accept and welcome their feelings - even the difficult ones.

You’re working really hard on overcoming your triggered feelings, and creating space for connection when your child’s behavior feels ‘difficult’

But when your partner is ‘on’ with the kids you often hear from the other room:

“If you finish your vegetables you can have ice cream.”

“Stop crying. Big kids don’t cry.”


What you need:

You already know you’re never going to be completely aligned with your partner on every issue related to parenting. And that’s OK. (Really!)

But you need a way to figure out what are the issues where it really is important, and how to get on the same page about those.

Once you can do that, you’ll be able to leave your kids with your partner knowing your partner is Goose to your Maverick.

Reason #5: You don’t know how to be consistent

You’re trying some of the tools you read about in one of your Mom groups. Your child is jumping on the couch and it’s starting to irritate you so you set a limit: “No jumping on the couch.”

(still jumping) “Oh but Moooom!”

“I said ‘No jumping on the couch!’”

(still jumping) “But I’m boooooored! There’s nothing else to do!”

“I don’t want the couch to get broken. And last time you did it you fell off and cracked your head on the coffee table. Stop jumping NOW.”

(does a few jumps with feet still in contact with the sofa) “I’m not jumping. I’m bouncing.”

You abandon the limit and walk away: “Fine. Don’t come crying to me when you smack your head again.”

When you aren’t consistent, your child tests and tests and tests some more.

What you need:

When you have a consistent framework that’s grounded in your values, you set and hold limits confidently.

You know how, when you really mean a limit, you use a certain tone and look at your child in a certain way that says “don’t test me on this”?

The trick is to set fewer limits in the first place (so you remove yourself from the role of being The Enforcer), and to be super clear and firm on the ones you do set.

Then the testing stops faster than your child can race down the hallway when you announce that it’s bedtime.

If you’ve made it this far, parenting is super important to you.  And you know there must be a better way.  

(I mean, there has to be, right??!)

But maybe you didn’t know that in just a few weeks, you could:

Finally understand what is driving your child to behave in ways that seem to you like explosive overreactions
Remain calm and confident during a tantrum, knowing this will probably be the last tantrum you ever have to experience on this topic
Work with your child to find solutions to problems that used to derail you Every. Single. Day.
Leave your child with your partner, knowing you won't have to come home to plaintive wails of "Daddy said he's going to throw all my toys away!"
Confidently respond when your mother-in-law questions your parenting methods: "Thanks - I've got this."
Know that you are heading in the right direction for your unique family's needs, goals, and values

Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your family - whether things are muddling along OK right now or even if it feels like an absolute disaster.

But they do depend on using the right framework, and getting the right support to implement it.

Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your family - whether things are muddling along OK right now or even if it feels like an absolute disaster.

But they do depend on using the right framework, and getting the right support to implement it.

You need a framework that’s grounded in scientific research that forms a strong foundation for your entire parenting journey, not a bunch of tactics cobbled together from various well-intentioned but often misinformed sources.

A framework that thousands of parents from around the world have used to transform their relationship with their children from one of endless struggles and frustration to one where they can enjoy the wow that’s happening now.

One that will make you look back on this moment:

In three days, when you realize you're in a community of parents who 'get' it, and that you're going to be able to make real changes;
In three weeks, when you start finding solutions to problems where none seemed to exist before
In three months, when using the Family Fix-up Framework has become so routine that formerly meltdown-provoking issues don't even appear on your radar any more
In a year, when you feel completely confident in the path you've decided to walk with your family.  It just feels right, and you know you can meet whatever challenges come up as your child enters new developmental stages.

"The Finding  Your Parenting Mojo membership has improved my relationship with my daughter - and also with my husband (I wasn't expecting that!)

My daily life flows more smoothly because I'm more confident in the way I interact with my daughter; I know how to set boundaries and hold them, an dhow to work with her to solve problems that used to provoke tantrums."

- Sophie V.

And if you’re ready to bring these kinds of changes to your family, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my fully revamped signature parenting membership.


Finding Your Parenting Mojo


The only membership that goes far beyond just solving the individual challenges

Grounded in a unique framework that helps you to understand and address all of the reasons parenting seems so hard


Finding Your Parenting Mojo


The only membership that goes far beyond just solving your individual challenges...

Grounded in a unique framework that helps you to understand and address all of the reasons parenting seems so hard

For the last four years I’ve been in the trenches with parents just like you, who have:

😳Been out in public places when their child suddenly sees something they must have right now, resulting in a massive, embarrassing scene
🙄Worried (constantly!) that they're doing the wrong thing, a feeling that reaches boiling point when the in-laws visit
😭 Felt like a failure as a parent, especially when the child seems 'out of control'
😲Noticed that they're parenting in a way that doesn't align with their values, but have no idea what else to do

🤔Begun to implement some new ideas but found they didn't know how to get back on track when they stumbled

The result is...

An easy-to-follow Family Fix-Up Framework, that gives you a crystal clear ‘can’t fail’ roadmap for creating the calm, joy-filled, intentional family life you know you (all!) deserve.

The Finding Your Parenting Mojo First Aid Kit will teach you a 3-part proven Family Fix-Up Framework that will form the foundation of every aspect of your approach to parenting.  Then (if you want to) we'll go on to apply it to all the different areas where you're struggling.

Family Fix-Up Modules (The "First Aid Kit!")
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Module 1: The Problem Solving Method

This is where we’ll create the rock-solid foundation for the kinds of interactions you want to have with your child moving forward.

Remember, the main reason you find yourself yelling at your child over and over again is because you don’t have the tools to get out of that well-worn track.  (And here’s the secret: the best time to start using these tools isn’t mid-meltdown; it’s actually afterward.  That’s how you can never have a meltdown about the same issue twice again.)

By the time you’re finished with Step 1, you’ll have learned the components of the Problem Solving method.  You'll get to practice, wobble, course-correct, and have that first glorious experience of pedaling the bike by yourself.

By the end of this module, you’ll know:

  • How to understand the REAL causes of your child’s big feelings (hint: it isn't really because you turned off Daniel Tiger 23 seconds too soon…)
  • How to know what you really want when you ask your child to do something (hint: it’s not really about just wanting them to do what you ask…) 
  • How to find solutions to problems that you would never have thought of by yourself, that really do work for both you and for your child!
Module 2: Parenting as a Team

By this point you’ve created a bit of breathing space for yourself, because your child isn’t exploding quite as often as they used to.  So our next step is to turn to our partners and figure out: how can we talk about parenting in a more productive way?

In this module you’ll learn why the old strategy of “do all the research and then present it to my partner who then feels attacked, shuts down, and refuses to listen” wasn’t working.

You'll gain new tools to have the kinds of deep conversations you’ll need to actually really understand where you're both coming from on this parenting journey, and how to decide on a path forward together.

By the end of this module, you’ll know:

  • How to start a conversation about the parenting topics you’ve fought over so many times before in a way that invites your partner’s engagement
  • What tools you’re using to protect yourself that are shutting down the kinds of emotionally intimate conversations you crave, and how to stop using them
  • Ways to become aligned where you both decide it really counts…and then get out of each other’s way!

This module is co-taught by
Dr. Laura Froyen, Ph.D.

Dr. Froyen studied Human Development with an emphasis in Couple and Family Therapy, and is skilled at helping couples to see parenting disagreements in ways that help you to understand each other's perspective, and work toward an actual resolution (not just the same old stalemate).

Module 3: Aligning on core values

Go you!  You’re now having the kinds of conversations you’ve always wished you could have with your partner so you can finally get on the same page about parenting.

And now that you can do that...where are you going?

In this Module you’ll define your unique family values and goals.  This is not some generic template of the 'correct' values and goals that you will adopt; you'll be guided through the process of defining your goals based on what you know to be right in your brain as well as in your body.

These will become the North Star that guides you in future modules when you’re trying to make decisions about parenting where it previously seemed like you were flying by the seat of your pants.

By the end of this module, you’ll know:

  • How to define the goals and values you want to use in raising your children
  • How to align the daily interactions you and others have with your child so they’re supporting you in working toward your long-term goals
  • How to know when it’s worth addressing issues (with in-laws, and the like) that don’t fit with your values, and when it’s OK to just let it go

great question!

This is what you'll find inside the Finding Your Parenting Mojo "First Aid Kit" experience...
3 Family Fix-Up Guides

Whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen, we've got you covered!  Watch with your spouse, listen while walking the dog, or read in bed - you'll learn how you learn best.

3 Months of Small Group Support

Join a Small Group for more support where you can relate, engage and connect with other members, and make continual progress toward goals that are uniquely tailored to your family

3 Months in our Private Community

Access to an exclusive members-only community full of like-minded parents waiting to support you when you stumble and celebrate your successes as well

Pre-recorded Answers to FAQs

A library of questions parents just like you have already asked awaits you...if your question hasn't been answered, a new video will be recorded just for you

Help With Your Most Pressing Parenting Problem

Experience 1:1 coaching on your most pressing parenting problem and have an opportunity to be coached by Jen.  I'll listen to you in a way that possibly nobody has ever listened to you before.  You'll leave the session with answers as well as powerful mindset shifts that help you see the 'problem' in an entirely new light

And if you need more support, we're here for you with the Parenting Insurance option:

Once you've laid the groundwork with the First Aid Kit Bundle, you're ready to go on to use your new tools to solve what seem like the urgent challenges right now.  

The Complete Finding Your Parenting Mojo experience ("Parenting Insurance!")

You get:

The core modules from the First Aid Kit Bundle (How to Cope with Tantrums, Goal Setting, Parenting as a Team) > These skills form the backbone of your approach to the broader problems
Additional 9 modules of content to apply your new skills to the parenting problems you're facing
9 modules of pre-recorded Q&As (and the ability to submit more questions to be answered via video)
12 months of support in our private community
Ongoing opportunity for 1:1 coaching through the 12 months

9 additional modules of content to address your major parenting struggles:

Module 4
Raising Healthy Eaters

  • Support your child in developing healthy eating habits
  • Increase acceptance of new foods
  • Create the rules and guidelines around food that work for your family

Module 5
Emotion Regulation

  • Understand what are 'normal' Emotion Regulation skills
  • Assess your own emotional awareness
  • Support your child's developing ER

Module 6
Raising Siblings

  • Raise siblings with their own unique supportive relationships
  • Help siblings to navigate their own squabbles
  • Understand and manage your own triggers related to their fights

Module 7
Navigating Screen Time

  • Understand what scientific research really says about screen time
  • Translate the research into rules that are right for your family

Module 8

  • Learn to understand your and your child's temperament, and how to increase the alignment between you
  • See your child's struggles in context (which includes us)
  • Support your child in having more successful interactions with others

Module 9
Rhythms, Rituals & Routines

  • Understand how rhythms, rituals, and routines can help you create a life that's lived in accordance with your values
  • The unique role each plays in your life
  • Fix or change a broken routine so it better meets your nee

Module 10
Anxiety & Parenting

  • Do the inner work needed to support an anxious child
  • Navigate your own anxiety related to parenting

Module 11
Supporting Anxious Children

  • See how anxiety manifests in children's behavior
  • Identify the true sources of anxiety in your child's life
  • Help them to navigate their experience of anxiety (not just reduce symptoms)

Module 12
Self Compassion

  • Understand how we can use self-compassion to reduce our suffering
  • Learn effective self-compassion practices
  • Raise children who have a different relationship with self-compassion than you have
And you'll get some great bonuses:
Conversation Starter Card Set

Have conversations with your children about topics that are actually important in their lives, in a way that allows you to explore your values alongside your children -  which then allows other conversations to flow more freely

Repair After Triggered Feelings

Blowups happen.  You shout; you say things you don't mean; you slam a door.  What happens next is the most important thing: learn how to calm yourself, remind yourself of what's important, and go repair your relationship with your child

Discount on Your Child's Learning Mojo membership

The Your Child's Learning Mojo membership is the companion to the Finding Your Parenting Mojo membership.  Together, they form wraparound support for you and your child as you support both their development and learning

33% Discount on 3-Session Coaching Package with Jen

Over the course of three sessions I'll share deep insights into your individual family's dynamics, so you can make the changes needed to solve the most intractable problems

Trusted by thousands of parents

Since 2016 we've helped parents from around the world

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Over 1 million podcast downloads and 300 reviews averaging 5 stars

As seen on...
And many more!

Before the FYPM membership, we felt like we were just trying to survive!  Then we learned how to explicitly and proactively think about our approach to parenting, rather than just reacting to our son.

Now we know we're heading in a direction that feels right for our family, even on areas where we used to disagree, which continues to be a really valuable contributor to our relationship.

Also, Jen makes a huge amount of complicated research really approachable and easy to understand, which kept us from feeling overwhelmed by information!

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Christy T. & Jonathan L.

"The membership has been different from any thing else I have seen in helping think about and articulate your own goals and really focus on putting problem solving strategies into place in your family.

Knowing how you want to parent and developing the skills in the everyday situations that come up can be two different things and this membership presents both invaluable focused guides and just the right questions to apply this knowledge tailored to your own family.

I particularly like the focus on your own goals versus advocating a “one best way” type philosophy."

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Kathryn D.

"The number one benefit of this membership: a community of like-minded parents (from all different backgrounds!) who are committed to parenting WITH their children rather than doing things TO their children to get them to comply.

FYPM is not about commiserating about our kids or trying to get them to comply with us, but rather it's about brainstorming different solutions that we can try out until we see what works."

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Lucinda W.

As a Finding Your Parenting Mojo member, I've found that I am being more intentional, having the right kind of conversations with my husband, working with my kids the way I want to be, and enjoying learning, too.

Plus, it's nice to know that I'm not alone and that there are plenty of resources and other parents to whom I can connect on this parenting journey!"

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Emily G.

I joined the membership group hoping for evidence-based advice on what to say, or how to react to predictable, albeit challenging situations with my kids.

Instead, the past eight months have transformed me as a parent, deepening my understanding of childrearing and helping me discover ways to communicate with my girls that feels authentic and aligned with my overall parenting goals.  

This group also helps me get through the day-to-day toddler grind without feeling mind-numbingly drained at the end of the day. And, Jen and the FB membership group are always there to brainstorm when more challenging situations arise.

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Ruth T. (& twins!)


Finding Your Parenting Mojo


"First Aid Kit"

Learn the core elements of the Fix-Up Framework so you can solve the problems behind your child's tantrums.  Get on the same page with your co-parent, and define your goals and values.

One Payment of


You get:

  • 3 Core "Family Fix-Up Framework Guides (audio, video, PDF)
  • Pre-recorded Q&As for All 3 Modules
  • 3 Months in our Private Members Community
  • 3 Months of Small Group Support
  • Opportunity for 1:1 Coaching

Upgrade to the Parenting Insurance Option later for $800 - or save $53 and do it now!

"Parenting Insurance"

Once you've learned the Fix-Up Framework tools, go on to apply them to all of your other other parenting-related problems, and improve your own mindset so you can be the parent you want to be

One Payment* of


You get:

  • Everything from the First Aid Kit Option
  • Pre-recorded Q&As for 9 Additional Modules
  • 9 Additional Months in our Private Members Community
  • 9 Additional Months of Small Group Support
  • 9 Additional Months for 1:1 Coaching Opportunity
  • Getting Back on Track Pack (meditations, phone screens, infographic)
  • $200 discount on the Your Child's Learning Mojo membership
  • 33% Discount on 3-Session Coaching Package 
*Payment plans are available for this bundle.
Click here to choose from 4 monthly payments of just $277, or 12 payments of only $97.
The “Fewer Tantrums in 90 Days Guarantee”

The promise is simple.

Follow the program, watch the Q&As, and ask your questions in our private community.

If your child isn’t having fewer tantrums in 90 days (by which time you’ll also be communicating better with your partner and will feel like you’re actually heading in the same direction together), I’ll give you your money back.

(I’m really completely confident this is going to start happening much sooner than this but Marketing Experts tell me that you want a longer period of time to evaluate the program, so I’m giving that to you;-))

But if you feel just as lost after 90 days as you do right now, and your child is still having a meltdown every day because the green bowl is in the dishwasher and only the blue one is available, I’ll insist that you email us at for an an immediate and full refund.

Why am I so confident doing this?

Because I’ve seen the results.

Not just with parents who are ‘doing pretty well,’ but even parents who feel like things are falling apart every single day are going to see improvement.

Questions that parents just like you have asked before saying ‘Yes’ to Finding Your Parenting Mojo
1. I want to do this, but I’m already spread wayyyy to thin. How much time is this going to take?

I hear you:-)

I’ve also fallen asleep with Game of Thrones on the iPad and woken up three episodes later in the middle of a battle scene.

Here’s the thing. Yes, it takes work to be in this membership. You’ll probably spend a couple of hours reading, watching, or listening to each module - perhaps less if you’re a skimmer rather than a reader.

You might take a couple more to discuss them with your partner.

And there are (optional) super tightly focused 30 minute group calls each week to help you keep taking the next tiny step forward.

So that’s perhaps six hours a month, if you’re fully engaged in all the steps.

I calculated how much time you might save if you’re currently arguing with and yelling at your child on a regular basis to try to get things done, with inevitable explosions following. By the time you count up all those hassles related to breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, transitions, lunch, screen time, dinner, bath time, brushing teeth (again!) and shortening your bedtime routine so it no longer involves 5+ visits to your child’s room, you are going to conservatively save about 96 hours a month. And that’s even after you factor in the six hours you’ll spend on the content.

Hmmmm….could you use an extra 96 hours a month?

2. I’ve read dozens of books on parenting, and I’m in a bunch of parenting groups online. How is this going to be different?

Please do forgive me for being blunt, but if what you had learned from all those books and in all those parenting groups was actually working, would you have read this far down this page?

The gap between reading something in a book or a parenting group once (even if you completely agree with it!) and actually being able to implement it can be deceptively vast. It’s like the distance between your vomiting child and the open toilet: just a few feet in reality with the right support, but tantalizingly out of reach in the moment.

The membership provides the three critical components you need to make actual change happen: the right (research-based!) information, a supportive community, and (this is the really critical part) help when you get stuck.

Because you will get stuck. We all do. And when that happens you can either drop back into your old habits or figure out what didn’t go the way you’d hoped and why, and how to come back and try again differently next time. That’s why this is going to be different for you.

3. My partner really (really) is not on board. And they don’t think it’s worth spending the money on this.

I hear you. Mine wasn’t at first either. We were both raised using traditional parenting methods and he has had a hard time using approaches that don’t rely on bribery and implied or actual punishments.

If this is happening in your house, I would find a time when you’re not (especially) stressed about something else - so not right after a time when your child has refused to do something your partner asked them to do, but maybe later that day.

You could say something like: “Hey; I love you and it’s really important to me that we feel like a team in parenting. It seemed like you were having a hard time when [describe difficult event] happened. Can you tell me how that looked from your perspective? [Listen. Summarize and reflect your understanding back to your partner.]

It seems like we’ve both been having a hard time with the kids lately. It doesn’t feel like we’re a team as a family. I’ve been learning about some new methods to work with the kids that would invite them to work with us more, without us totally giving in to everything they demand. I’d like to give it a try. Would you be willing to learn more about it with me?”

If cost is an issue, then the holidays are coming up - could there be a better holiday gift to each other than a more smoothly-running family life?

4. I just found your work. Who are you, anyway?

Hello and welcome! I'm Jen, and I host the Your Parenting Mojo podcast (that's me - and my daughter Carys - in several of the pictures on this page). The podcast is a resource guide for parents of toddlers and preschoolers based on scientific research and principles of respectful parenting. I created the membership when I realized that many parents listen to the show and are on board with the ideas in it but struggle to apply the principles in their real lives with their real families.

Unless I explicitly tell you something is my opinion (which I do do sometimes), everything I say in the podcast and in the membership is backed up by scientific research.

I also have a strong commitment to social justice. I'm a white parent raising a mixed-race (but mostly white-passing) daughter, and I call out where research indicates different outcomes for different groups of individuals, and where the research might not even be relevant at all. The membership is a safe and welcoming space for all.

I strongly believe in respectful parenting: in treating a child as a whole person deserving of respect from the earliest age. I believe (and research states!) that children in our culture have better outcomes when they are treated with love and respect; when parents set and hold reasonable boundaries (with the child's input), and when the child is trusted with real responsibility.

But this isn't to say you have to be doing all of these things already to join the membership! Far from it...the only thing you need to join is a goal to parent in this way. I (and the other group members!) will help you with the rest.

5. Is there going to be anything here that I can’t find for free online?

Well, yes and no. Some of the peer-reviewed research I use to answer your questions is available online, although most is locked behind paywalls that cost thousands of dollars to bypass.

Lots of information and advice on parenting is available for free online. I don’t mean to sound facetious, but if that free advice was working for your family, you probably wouldn’t be here.

The problem with free advice is that you don’t get the support you need to implement it. As soon as your child says something that isn’t in the script of whatever you read, you’re lost. You can’t find a path forward. So you fall back on old habits, figuring that it’s just too hard to do things differently.

It isn’t too hard. I KNOW you can do it. You just need the right support.

6. Do you offer any kind of discount?

I experimented with offering hardship discounts when I opened the group last year and the one thing that I have learned since then is that the people who pay a deeply discounted rate rarely participate in a way that allows them to really get the benefits that the group offers if you are fully engaged. I think you need some ‘skin in the game’ to see the value that doing this kind of work can bring.

That said, having studied inequality for a couple of years now, I would never want the group to be truly inaccessible to someone who feels it will really benefit them. If joining the group would strongly benefit you but the price would take meals out of your children’s mouths, then please email me at to (briefly) explain your situation and I’ll do what I can to accommodate you.

7. Who will benefit most from this membership?

The membership is geared toward parents of children who are between 12 months-7 years old. If you’re on the earlier side but like to feel prepared, come on in! If your child is on the older side but you don’t have a vision for parenting (and you’d like one), and you’re struggling with tantrums, power struggles, setting boundaries, and the like – you’ll definitely find a home here.

8. I’d like to join with my spouse/co-parent/grandparent/nanny. Do I have to pay the monthly fee twice/multiple times?

No! The monthly fee covers you and any other member of your family/caregiving team who regularly interacts with your child/ren. After you sign up, please send an email to giving me the names and email addresses of the additional individual(s) who will need access and I will set up user accounts for them, which will also get them access to the Facebook group.

9. What’s your approach to parenting? How can I know that your ideas will fit with the way I’m raising my children?

Great question! My approach is grounded in scientific research (although I’m not afraid to question its assumptions) and principles of respectful parenting. This means that I read all the research on a particular topic related to parenting and child development and try to understand what it says as a body of work (not just what the latest study with the clickbait title says).

But I also look to anthropological literature to understand how parents and children in other cultures deal with these issues to see whether our problems are of our own making (and thus we can also look to other cultures for potential solutions) or whether parents and children everywhere face this particular issue.

I view everything through a lens of respectful parenting. In general, I find that the research tends to support respectful parenting methods (e.g. not using rewards to try to motivate children; modeling emotional regulation rather than saying “You’re OK!”, not forcing a child to eat vegetables...). But I don’t get hung up on whether I’m perfectly aligned with any particular philosophy – I pick and choose what works for my family.

Finally, I view learning and development as interconnected. Sometimes development leads learning – and sometimes it’s the other way around. If we ask a child to do something they aren’t yet developmentally ready to do, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble. But sometimes we can scaffold their learning, and thus their development, if we decide that’s something we want to do. This intertwined push/pull is part of the dance of parenting.

Still Undecided? 

You're ready to start making family life easier if:

You’re brand new to the ideas I’ve mentioned above.

You’re ready to do something differently, and you don’t want to waste a whole lot of time trying to do all the research yourself to pull the tools together, try them, have them fail, and not be able to figure out what went wrong. 

You want the right tools with the right support right out of the gate.

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You want to raise your child differently than the way you were raised. 

If we don’t make a conscious choice to do things differently with our own children, the patterns that left so many scars on us will repeat down to the next generation. 

If you see this happening and want to choose a different path, this membership is for you.

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You’ve been using some strategies related to respectful parenting for a while...

But things tend to fall apart in the high-stress moments when the faint glimmer of a memory of a different way to do things flashes through your mind...and then it’s gone. 

You need help getting from the knowledge to the implementation stage.

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You’ve already invested a lot of time and energy into researching issues related to parenting. 

You have a stack of books.  You’re in all the online groups.  You might even have a spreadsheet of links to try to keep all the information straight. 

But somehow it just doesn’t stick, and you know you need a different approach

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You’re really committed to your children’s wellbeing, both now and as they grow up. 

You can imagine getting a call one day 20 years from now because your child has just realized that not all children get to grow up the way they did, and they’re so grateful that you gave them the tools to work through disagreements with their partner, and know that they want to be treated with love and respect.

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You’re excited to try the Family Fix-Up Framework.

Even if you’ve tried new tools and felt let down before, you’re currently feeling a wave of renewed optimism, knowing that by this time tomorrow you’ll be part of a community of parents who are working toward similar goals, and within a month you’ll be experiencing fewer explosions in your child’s behavior.

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You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 90 days to test it out. 

It’s simple.  Either you do the work and experience a profound shift in your family life that really starts in the first 30 days, and builds on itself in the following months, or you just email and we can just hit undo on this whole “let’s make family life easier now and set your child up for success in the future” experiment.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

You're ready to stop yelling at your child.

You're ready to create the family life you've dreamed about.

When you join Finding Your Parenting Mojo and you start putting the proven steps to work, your children will want to work with you to find solutions to problems.  And not because they’re afraid of what will happen if they don’t, but because they’re just as invested in your family as you are.

If you're ready, then I'm so excited to work with you to make this dream a reality.

The truth is that many parents want to transform their relationship with their children...

but feel like they need to take more time to 'mull it over'

and then this page will get buried in the 58 other tabs they have open right now and they forget all about it.

...and a year from now they’ll find themselves yelling at their child for some random thing and a thought will flicker momentarily through their brain about a membership they almost signed up for ages ago that was going to put a stop to all this.

They will have spent another year running their wheels in ruts that are becoming ever-deeper, and ever more difficult to get out of.  

They keep nagging and yelling at their children, who by now expect this and are putting up their own walls to protect themselves. 

Both parent and child can already look ahead and feel what the teenage years are going to be like, and it ain’t gonna be good.

And they will have missed an incredibly profound opportunity. 

An opportunity to transform their relationship with their child in a way that creates peace and ease in their family.  An opportunity to experience a relationship that’s based on truly unconditional love.  And an opportunity to give their child a model for their own relationships in the future, and to know how they will treat others, and how they want to be treated.

I'm supposed to put a financial price on those risks, so you can see that the cost of not joining is so much greater than the cost of joining.  But honestly, I don’t even know how to put a cost on those things. 

They are the very definition of priceless.


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