The Finding Your Parenting Mojo


How It Works

In your first three months as a member we will  develop core skills; after that we select topics based on the group's interests and needs.  You gain skills, support, and confidence!


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Receive a Guide on a new topic each month


Use the exercises to create solutions that alilgn with your family values


Get support through 2X monthly group calls and a private Facebook group


Find your parenting path - and walk it with clarity and confidence

What Will I Learn?

In our first three months of core content we will cover:

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We'll start by creating some breathing room by developing tools to dramatically reduce the incidence of tantrums at your house

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Goal Setting

Next we'll help you set goals for your family, based on your own values and priorities - and make sure your daily interactions with your child align with your long-term goals

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Parenting as a Team

Then we'll learn how to co-parent effectively by becoming more aligned where it's important, and knowing where it's OK to disagree

After month 4, topics we will cover include (but are not limited to):

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Emotion Regulation

Understand when to wait for your child's development, and what you can do to gently support it

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Effective Limit Setting

Learn a simple system for setting limits that makes your child WANT to cooperate with you

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Raising Healthy Eaters

Know how to encourage healthy habits - and when it's OK to relax a bit!

boy-3360415_1920 (1) (1)

Navigating Screens

Confidently manage the whats, whens, and how muches of screens

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Supporting Siblings

Help siblings (and other peers) to solve their own problems

This is who we're supporting...

What You Will Get Out Of The Membership

By the end of each month, you will have a concrete plan to address the challenge we've been working on that month, and will have begun implementing the plan

You will likely have faced some initial hurdles, and will have developed strategies for overcoming these as well.

Your co-parent will be on board with this new approach to parenting (to the extent possible given their personality and your relationship).

The membership will help you to:

Set goals that are uniquely right for your family

Have confidence that the skills you use to deal with day-to-day challenges are aligned with your overall goals

Work with your parenting partner to become better aligned where you know it's important (and also know where it's OK to not present a 'united front')

Set limits that are grounded in your values, and that you can hold confidently and compassionately, resulting in less testing

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You will also be able to:

Get to the root of any problem you're having with your child, so you can work together to solve it

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the parenting journey, as we dive deep on a specific topic each month, with easy-to-implement ideas

Have a compassionate group of like-minded parents (from many backgrounds!) to call on for help

Know that your family life will become more harmonious and less tense; more fun and less conflicted, and you will feel confident in the overall direction your family is heading and how you will get there.

About You

Finding Your Parenting Mojo members are:



You love your child...but something's gotta change!  What?  How?  You're really not sure yet.



You understand respectful parenting principles but struggle to put them into practice with your own child(ren).

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You have defined goals that fit with your values and are taking steps in the right direction.  The skills don't come naturally yet but are moderately reliable.




Not much fazes you!  You're a calm, confident parent who KNOWS you're working toward your parenting goals - so you can relax into your relationship with your child(ren).

Membership Options


The membership is the full experience.  Pick this option if you tend to sign up for things and then they fall by the wayside, and/or you know you learn best in a high engagement environment surrounded by a supportive community. You get:

  • To help choose the schedule of topics we cover
  • To ask questions that shape the content of the topics we cover
  • A Guide at the beginning of each month containing research summaries, exercises to deepen your understanding, and suggestions for further reading/listening
  • Two group calls with me each month where we actually interact and you get to ask questions (usually one at 11am PST and the other at 1pm PST)
  • Access to a welcoming community of parents who are working through the same material alongside you





Just the Guides

For those of you who are on a tight budget, or are very self-directed and just don’t need a high level of support.  You get:

  • A Guide that’s been specifically designed to move you beyond the reading/listening to help you implement the ideas you hear about in the podcast. Topics currently available:
    • How to reduce the incidence of tantrums
    • Setting parenting goals that fit your values
    • Parenting as a team (knowing how to become better aligned with your partner - and where it’s OK to take a different approach)
    • Supporting emotion regulation skills
    • Setting effective limits (this method is elegantly simple - and it really works!)
    • Raising healthy eaters
    • Managing screen time

Want more info?

In this short video I explain what the membership is, how it works, and what you'll get out of it.

What current members say about their Finding Your Parenting Mojo membership

Emily Gonzales

"After five months as a Finding Your Parenting Mojo member, I've found that I am being more intentional, having the right kind of conversations with my husband, working with my kids the way I want to be, and enjoying learning, too.

Plus, it's nice to know that I'm not alone and that there are plenty of resources and other parents to whom I can connect on this parenting journey!"

Emily G.

"Being a Finding Your Parenting Mojo member has improved my relationship with my daughter - but also with my husband (I wasn't expecting that!). 

My daily life flows more smoothly because I'm more confident in the way I interact with my daughter; I know how to set boundaries and hold them, and how to work with her to solve problems that used to provoke tantrums."

Sophie V.

Kathryn Dent_cropped

"The membership has been different from any thing else I have seen in helping think about and articulate your own goals and really focus on putting problem solving strategies into place in your family.

Knowing how you want to parent and developing the skills in the everyday situations that come up can be two different things and this membership presents both invaluable focused guides and just the right questions to apply this knowledge tailored to your own family.

I particularly like the focus on your own goals versus advocating a “one best way” type philosophy."

Kathryn D.

"The number one benefit of this membership: a community of like-minded parents (from all different backgrounds!) who are committed to parenting WITH their children rather than doing things TO their children to get them to comply.

FYPM is not about commiserating about our kids or trying to get them to comply with us, but rather it's about brainstorming different solutions that we can try out until we see what works."

Lucinda W.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome!  I'm Jen, and I host the Your Parenting Mojo podcast (that's me - and my daughter Carys - in several of the pictures on this page).  The podcast is a resource guide for parents of toddlers and preschoolers based on scientific research and principles of respectful parenting.  I created the membership when I realized that many parents listen to the show and are on board with the ideas in it but struggle to apply the principles in their real lives with their real families.

Unless I explicitly tell you something is my opinion (which I do do sometimes), everything I say in the podcast and in the membership is backed up by scientific research.

I also have a strong commitment to social justice.  I'm a white parent raising a mixed-race (but mostly white-passing) daughter, and I call out where research indicates different outcomes for different groups of individuals, and where the research might not even be relevant at all.  The membership is a safe and welcoming space for all.

I strongly believe in respectful parenting: in treating a child as a whole person deserving of respect from the earliest age.  I believe (and research states!) that children in our culture have better outcomes when they are treated with love and respect; when parents set and hold reasonable boundaries (with the child's input), and when the child is trusted with real responsibility.

But this isn't to say you have to be doing all of these things already to join the membership!  Far from it...the only thing you need to join is a goal to parent in this way.  I - and the other group members! -will help you with the rest.