Hi, I’m Jen

I started as a reluctant parent, yet here I am... over 2 million+ downloads later, 160+ episodes, 2 additional Master's degrees.  I'm a CoActive Coach and have helped thousands of parents around the globe.

While unexpected, I've found my purpose - to help parents like you.


Hi, I’m Jen

I started as a reluctant parent, yet here I am... over 2 million+ downloads later, 160+ episodes, 2 additional Master's degrees.  I'm a CoActive Coach and have helped thousands of parents around the globe.

While unexpected, I've found my purpose - to help parents like you.

"Thank you for all the hard work you do in bringing this vast community of yours all of these amazing podcasts!  I've been listening for years now, and I truly do not know how I would have made it this well without all of the insight you and your guests bring to my family."

- Kate B.

I'm Honored to Meet You

I'm Jen Lumanlan, host and founder of the parenting podcast Your Parenting Mojo.  I interview the 'Who's Who' in parenting and child development, while applying a rigorous research-based approach that provides families around the world with trusted knowledge and skills to bring their daily interactions with their children in line with their values.

Named Best Research-Based Parenting podcast by Lifehacker, Your Parenting Mojo has been downloaded 2 million+ times and has evolved to include workshops, courses, and ongoing memberships to support parents' needs, and children's learning and development. 

I am also starting to bring these offerings to the corporate sector to provide companies with effective and trusted ways to support their working parent workforce. This part of YPM was born when existing members began advocating to their own companies to integrate it into their employee benefits.  I'm excited by the potential to make a difference during a time when work and home have converged more than ever.  A research-based approach is perfect in helping to reduce parental stress, increase productivity while helping to raise the leaders of tomorrow.

Before starting the podcast, I spent a career in corporate environmental strategy and sustainability consulting.  Since starting the podcast, I've added to my undergraduate degrees in Forestry and English from U.C. Berkeley and Master's in Environmental Management from Yale with another Master's in Psychology, and a third in Education.  I am also a CoActive Coach and has helped thousands of parents around the globe.

It's Not Just About More Knowledge, It's About the Right Knowledge

There's no lack of information about parenting online; it's just a clickbait headline away.  When I started the podcast, I longed for useful information my family can trust - and that kind of information seemed few and far between. As such, two main principles have since guided my work:

  1. Scientific Research
    • I look across the entire body of research on a topic.  I've read hundreds of books and thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles on parenting and child development, and have connected ideas across topic areas (did you know that research on why children won't eat vegetables can help get your child's homework done?) in a way that few others have done
    • I point to the strengths of the research, as well as its limitations.  I call out the biases in how the research was shaped, conducted and analyzed, and discuss how these issues may have influenced the results.  I also look at topics where academic research may not be the best way to understand or experience.
    • I interview the researchers who are deep experts in their specific field.  I ask them questions parents wish they could ask, and don't hesitate to question discrepancies or challenge their conclusions.
  2. Respectful Parenting
    • Societal problems are perpetuated through teh way we raise our children. Our interactions with our children today (teaching them about race (or note...); telling our boys to "stop crying;" telling our girls to "stop being loud" shapes how they will treat others and expect to be treated in relationships.
    • If we want our children to be part of solving the world's problems, we need to equip them with the leadership skills to do this.


I've developed a rigorous methodology based on scientific research and principles of respectful parenting that draws on the variety of disciplines (e.g. critical race theory, Nonviolent Communication) to create tools parents can trust.

These tools help parents make meaningful, long-lasting change to help parents - and their children - thrive.

Sliding Scale Pricing Options for Everyone

I never want financial issues to be the only reason that people who want to work with me can't work with me... but at this time this is my livelihood and if I can't earn money I can't continue to provide paid workshops, memberships or free podcast episodes and blog posts.

The value you get out of my workshops and memberships depends on the work you put in. People who have really engaged with the material say that if they had know before they signed up how much it was going to change their lives they would have paid thousands of dollars to achieve these benefits.

When I re-open my ongoing workshops and memberships, I invite you to select the price that feels like the best fit for your situation. Your experience inside the workshop or membership will be the same no matter what amount you pay.  Sliding scale pricing is rolling out across all courses and memberships in 2021.

Listen, Subscribe & More!

I publish a new episode every other Sunday, so join the mailing list to receive an email to stay informed of new episode releases and other news. I've very recently also started to add new episodes to YouTube - subscribe to our channel if you enjoy watching episodes.

In addition to the podcast, I have various workshops throughout the year including my popular Taming Your Triggers and Setting Limits workshops, as well as an ongoing Parenting and Learning Membership.

Open enrollment for the Parenting Membership was in May 2021.  The Learning Membership reopened in September 2021. These memberships will reopen around the same time in 2022 and are perfect for parents who are looking to take the next step by implementing many of the ideas and strategies discussed in the podcast in their own home. Click here to learn more about workshops and memberships.

For those of you who get all you need from the podcast and blog posts, a lot of work goes into creating each episode and blog post.  I invite those who can to consider showing your gratitude by supporting the show with a recurring or one-time donation.

Thank you very much for joining me on this parenting journey!

"Thank you for all your great work.
It’s a joy having you in my ears."

- Kelly S.                 

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