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With over 160 research-based episodes covering a variety of topics, we have a libary of past episodes for you to tap into this summer.

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While some parents use the summer to get away from it all, we have also learned that many like to get organized before the rush of back to school hits hard.

Latest Episodes & Transcripts

162: Supporting children through grief with Katie Lear

By Jen Lumanlan | Jul 31, 2022

This episode builds on our conversation with Dr. Atle Dyregrov on the topic of talking with children about death, where we focused mainly on death as a general concept and navigating the first few days after the death. Grief therapist Katie Lear has a new book called A Parent’s Guide to Managing Childhood Grief and…

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161: New masculinites for older boys with Dr. Michael Kehler & Caroline Brunet

By Jen Lumanlan | Jul 17, 2022

We’ve covered a number of episodes in the past that feed into this one, including Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys with Dr. Judy Chu (which focused on boys’ understanding of masculinity in the preschool years), and Playing to Win with Dr. Hilary Levy Friedman (which looked at the lessons children learn from sports…which aren’t really related…

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160: Wanting What’s Best with Sarah Jaffe

By Jen Lumanlan | Jul 3, 2022

There are lots of books available now on how to talk with children about issues related to race, but Sarah W. Jaffe noticed a gap: there weren’t any books geared toward non-academic audiences talking about how the choices that predominantly well-off, predominantly White parents make impact other people. From childcare choices to school to college,…

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159: Supporting Girls’ Relationships with Dr. Marnina Gonick

By Jen Lumanlan | Jun 19, 2022

I’ve been wanting to do this episode for a loooong time. We covered episodes a long time ago on how children form social groups, and what happens when they exclude each other from play, but I wanted to do an episode exploring this issue related to slightly older girls, and from a cultural perspective. There…

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158: Deconstructing Developmental Psychology with Dr. Erica Burman

By Jen Lumanlan | Jun 5, 2022

I read a lot of textbooks on parenting for my Master’s in Psychology (Child Development), I’ve read tens of thousands of peer-reviewed papers on the topic, and part of the reason it’s hard work is that you can’t ever take things at face value.   In her now classic book Deconstructing Developmental Psychology, Dr. Erica…

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157: How to find your village

By Jen Lumanlan | May 19, 2022

For the first time, in this episode I bow out and and let listeners Jenny and Emma take over, who wanted to share how they’ve been supporting each other over the last few months.   They started from pretty different points: Emma wasn’t having parenting struggles, but often over-communicated with her husband and he would…

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156: From desperation to collaboration

By Jen Lumanlan | May 15, 2022

Adrianna and Tim had read all the parenting books. (And I mean ALL the books.)   But NOTHING seemed to be working.   They were still feeling frustrated with their kids on a very regular basis.   And their kids were fighting what seemed like every second of the day.   They joined the Parenting…

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155: How to get your child to listen to you

By Jen Lumanlan | May 1, 2022

Recently someone posted a question in one of my communities:   “Is it really so wrong to want my child to just LISTEN to me sometimes?  It seems like such a no-no in gentle parenting circles, and I’m worried that my child is growing up to be entitled and won’t know how to respect authority…

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154: Authoritative isn’t the best Parenting “Style”

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 24, 2022

“On average, authoritative parents spanked just as much as the average of all other parents.  Undoubtedly, some parents can be authoritative without using spanking but we have no evidence that all or even most parents can achieve authoritative parenting without an occasional spank.”    I was fascinated by this statement, since authoritative parenting is the…

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153: Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 17, 2022

In her book Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home, Toko-pa Turner talks about the disconnection we feel from others, as well as from our own selves, because of the experiences we’ve had in our childhood.  While Toko-pa’s childhood was traumatic by any definition, even those of us who didn’t experience severe trauma were told – either verbally…

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SYPM 020: Preparing for the afterbirth with Renee Reina

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 4, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I spent a LOT of time thinking about my birth plan before Carys was born.  I mean, that thing went through multiple iterations as I read new books about the birth process and thought about what I wanted mine to be like.   And I got lucky; we didn’t…

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152: Everything you need to know about sleep training

By Jen Lumanlan | Mar 27, 2022

We’ve already covered a couple of episodes on sleep, including the cultural issues associated with sleep, then more recently we talked with Dr. Chris Winter about his book The Rested Child where we looked at sleep issues in older children.   But if you have a young child who isn’t sleeping well, from the baby stage all the…

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