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Q&A#5: What really matters in parenting? Part 1

By Jen Lumanlan | Feb 4, 2024

  Listener Roberta submitted a question recently on   What does the research say are the decisions that really matter in parenting?   That question immediately got my brain churning about what could be included, and how we would decide what to include, and how much of what’s included could actually be research-based.  …

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202: How to Heal from Adverse Childhood Experiences with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Jackie Thu-Huong Wong

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 28, 2024

My mom died when I was 10, and for a while people in our small village would look at my sister and me as if we were ‘special’ in some weird way. By the time I was a young adult that was just one of a stew of difficult experiences I’d had, and I also…

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201: How to create a culture of consent in our families

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 14, 2024

When Carys was about three, I forced a dropper of antibiotics into her mouth to just get her to take it, so she would start to feel better. We were both tired and hangry and I didn’t see another path forward, when she was refusing something that I knew would help her. What other choice…

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200: Ask Alvin Anything (Part 1!)

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 1, 2024

When I saw that our 200th episode was coming up, I knew I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Listeners called in with questions for me for our 100th episode, which was released in September 2019. The numbering is a bit fuzzy, I have to admit – we’re actually well over 200 episodes because…

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199: Digging Deeper into Parenting Beyond Power with Rachel Disney

By Jen Lumanlan | Dec 10, 2023

Listener Rachel also reached out with some questions, and due to my book tour schedule it took us a little longer to get a call on the calendar, but eventually – on a day in Seattle when I also had a coaching call and two two-hour workshops based on the book – we made it…

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198: The connection between your ideas about childhood and politics with Dr. Toby Rollo

By Jen Lumanlan | Nov 26, 2023

  A couple of years ago I was watching a session of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education‘s online conference by unschooling advocate Idzie Desmerais. At some point she dropped a quote into her presentation that I jotted down but didn’t think much of at the time:   What if your ideas about politics were just…

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197: What to do about reward and punishment systems at school with Denise Suarez

By Jen Lumanlan | Nov 12, 2023

  This is the first in a series of ‘back to basics’ episodes here on the show, where we’ll look at the everyday challenges you’re facing as a parent. (Have an idea for an episode? Share it on this thread in our free Facebook group [insert link], send us a max 2 minute video of…

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196: How to do right by your child – and everyone else’s with Dr. Elizabeth Cripps

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 29, 2023

In ‘Parenting on Earth’ by Dr. Elizabeth Cripps, delve into the moral considerations surrounding parenting in the context of environmental challenges. Discover practical ways to navigate climate change and resource conservation while raising conscious children. This book offers a thoughtful guide to responsible parenting and collective action for a sustainable future.

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195: Raising Good Humans Every Day with Hunter Clarke-Fields

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 15, 2023

Explore Hunter Clarke-Fields’ new book, “Raising Good Humans Every Day,” a concise and actionable guide to everyday parenting. With short, practical chapters, it’s a valuable resource to help you apply positive practices in just a few minutes. Discover how this small but impactful book can make a difference in your daily parenting journey.

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194: Regulating for the kids…and for your marriage

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 8, 2023

Explore the story of Elizabeth and Marshall, a couple who embarked on the journey of self-discovery and parenting transformation together. They joined the Taming Your Triggers workshop and experienced profound shifts in their ability to be with their children and each other. Their story highlights the importance of investing in parenting education to create a more harmonious and mindful family life.

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193: You don’t have to believe everything you think

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 1, 2023

Discover a real magic trick to help you see that parenting challenges aren’t as dire as they seem. In this short episode, you’ll learn a practical technique that can boost your confidence and help you navigate difficult situations. Four listeners share their experiences with this magic trick, and you’ll get a step-by-step guide to use it when you need it. Don’t miss this empowering episode!

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192: What to do with the myth of Polyvagal Theory

By Jen Lumanlan | Sep 17, 2023

Polyvagal Theory is all the rage, but how much scientific evidence supports it? In this episode, we delve into the foundational principles of Polyvagal Theory and question its legitimacy. Is there a better theory to understand our experiences as parents and individuals? Discover a path forward in this thought-provoking episode.

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