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Whether your child is attending school in-person or is homeschooling, I can help you to support their life-long love of learning. I hope you will join me & our growing community of parents whose children find learning interesting, fun, and exciting!

Both events are suitable for parents with children old enough to ask questions, through the end of elementary school.  More details below - see you there!

You Are Your Child's Best Teacher FREE LIVE Masterclass
Sat. Sept. 18, 11a - 12:30p PST!

Intrinsic love of learning extended not just to the classroom, but to the rest of their lives.  For parents with children old enough to ask questions, through the end of elementary school.

Join me for this FREE LIVE masterclass today, Sept. 18 with LIVE Q&A!

2021 Learning Membership Enrollment has officially reopened!

Open only once a year, now's your chance to join our like-minded community of parents to Support Your Child's Intrinsic Love of Learning - whether you are homeschooling, Zoom-schooling or attending school in-person

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"THANK YOU for the podcast - I discovered it a year ago and have eagerly listened to every episode! I wanted to reach out and let you know that you have changed my life.

You have helped me to become the parent I want to be and I cannot express how grateful I am for the work that you do. My husband lists you and Alfie Kohn as the most influential people in my parenting journey and he is absolutely correct. Thank you so much for your work. I am forever grateful!"

- Samantha K.

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