How to reconnect with your body – and your child

If you’re like most parents, you find yourself asking ‘why, why, why?’ on a daily basis. Sometimes you’re referring to your child’s behavior–‘why did he decide to lick the floor at the grocery store?’ Other times, you’re likely asking yourself about your own behavior–‘why did I just lose my mind about an unfinished bowl of…

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6 Reasons to form a Pandemic Pod

Pandemic Pod school crisis-school homeschool

As school districts are beginning to announce plans to move to remote-only instruction for at least the beginning of the fall semester, many parents are understandably feeling pretty panicked.  They’re looking back to how difficult online learning was in the Spring and are realizing that that model is not going to work for their child.…

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12 Signs of Child Anxiety – and What to Do About Them

12 signs of child anxiety and what to do about them Your Parenting Mojo

I’ve been wanting to write about anxiety since COVID-19 lockdowns began in March, and although several months have passed, anxiety remains a major issue for children. Children (and adults) of all ages are anxious about all the upheaval in the world – from COVID to conversations on racism – and these fears aren’t the kind…

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