How to reconnect with your body – and your child

By Jen Lumanlan | February 12, 2021

If you’re like most parents, you find yourself asking ‘why, why, why?’ on a daily basis. Sometimes you’re referring to your child’s behavior–‘why did he decide to lick the floor at the grocery store?’ Other times, you’re likely asking yourself about your own behavior–‘why did I just lose my mind about an unfinished bowl of…

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Using everyday activities as a foundation for learning

By Jen Lumanlan | December 26, 2020

Have you ever observed a child setting a toy car at the top of a ramp and watching it roll down over and over again? What is it that enables a child to do this for 45 minutes at a time when they won’t sit and listen to a story for more than five minutes?…

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6 Causes of Parental Anxiety – Where does it come from, and what should we do about it?

By Jen Lumanlan | September 11, 2020
Composite image for the Your Parenting Mojo blog with the title of the episode on the foreground which reads 6 Causes of Parental Anxiety – Where does it come from, and what should we do about it? The logo of Your Parenting Mojo is on the lower right and an image of a distressed woman with her hands cupping her face on the background.

The vast majority of the parents I work with are struggling with some form of anxiety related to their parenting. Sometimes this fits the clinical definition of anxiety, but other times it is just continual self-doubt or fear of ‘messing up’ their children. In this post I’m going to discuss six of the most significant…

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6 Reasons to form a Pandemic Pod

By Jen Lumanlan | August 9, 2020
Pandemic Pod school crisis-school homeschool

As school districts are beginning to announce plans to move to remote-only instruction for at least the beginning of the fall semester, many parents are understandably feeling pretty panicked.  They’re looking back to how difficult online learning was in the Spring and are realizing that that model is not going to work for their child.…

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12 Signs of Child Anxiety – and What to Do About Them

By Jen Lumanlan | July 10, 2020
12 signs of child anxiety and what to do about them Your Parenting Mojo

I’ve been wanting to write about anxiety since COVID-19 lockdowns began in March, and although several months have passed, anxiety remains a major issue for children. Children (and adults) of all ages are anxious about all the upheaval in the world – from COVID to conversations on racism – and these fears aren’t the kind…

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39 Actions White Parents Can Take on Racial Justice

By Jen Lumanlan | June 25, 2020
Placard protesting racism

If you identify as White and read my recent blog post on 57 Privileges of White Parents (which is now longer than that thanks to readers who got in touch and added more ideas), you might have come away surprised (shocked?) by the privileges you have, you might be wondering “well, now I know this,…

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57 Privileges of White Parents

By Jen Lumanlan | June 12, 2020

A few months ago I was invited to speak to parents at a very nice preschool in a very nice neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area for a panel discussion about school choice.  I was invited because a parent at the school had listened to my podcast episode on white privilege, and wanted to…

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White parents: How to talk with your preschooler about Black Lives Matter

By Jen Lumanlan | June 6, 2020

This blogpost is part of a series on understanding the intersection of race, privilege, and parenting.  Click here to view all the items in this series. Note: If you’re a person of a non-dominant culture (a term I use to avoid centering whiteness, and to acknowledge the power differential present in systems of structural racism)…

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The COVID-revealed weaknesses in our family systems

By Jen Lumanlan | May 31, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the intense prolonged, family time created by the pandemic? Many American parents are having trouble adjusting to this new normal. Everyone’s stress levels are high, but the extra strain of parenting young children has been magnified by isolation. For those working from home, there are the constant interruptions…

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Screens in the time of COVID: Why it’s OK to let loose!

By Jen Lumanlan | May 17, 2020

Could more screen time actually benefit my child? Remember playing the telephone game at school and summer camp? The leader would give a message like, “There’s supposed to be a storm tonight with thunder and lightning.” Everyone whispered the message to the person next to them and by the time the statement got to the…

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