Why rape culture hurts us so much (It doesn’t have to be this way)

By Jen Lumanlan | February 25, 2024

Note: This blog post is an adaptation of the podcast episode How to Create a Culture of Consent in our Families   When my daughter was three, her doctor prescribed antibiotics for an infection.  She said she didn’t like the flavor and refused to take them, and I forced the dropper into her mouth.  I…

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How social forces have hurt us and will hurt our children (and what to do about it)

By Jen Lumanlan | January 31, 2024

Does it sometimes seem like things would be a lot easier if your children would just listen to you? Would it make you feel uncomfortable to see your boy dressed in pink clothes, and your girl being loud, demanding, and ‘rude’? Do you ever feel as though you’re always trying to get to the bottom…

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The Magic Trick that Makes us Better Parents.

By Jen Lumanlan | January 26, 2024

When my daughter was a toddler, I used to tell a lot of stories. Of course there were the stories I made up for her before bed; her favorites were the ones where she went on adventures with Squirrel Number One and Squirrel Number Two from our backyard. At least once in every story she and…

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The connection between social challenges and power

By Jen Lumanlan | August 16, 2023

A few weeks ago I sent an email to YPM subscribers about Juneteenth, and how I see the connections between parenting and power, and one of you wrote back to me:   I as a white parent am exerting power over my white child. How does this connect to racism?   I understand modeling how…

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What to read instead of the Your X-Year-Old child books

By Jen Lumanlan | December 11, 2022

Last week I published a long podcast episode on why we shouldn’t read Dr. Louise Bates Ames’ Your X-Year-Old child books any more, which got quite a big response from listeners.  In this blog post I’ll briefly summarize the main points of that episode and then answer the question I received most often via email…

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‘Authoritative’ isn’t the best parenting style

By Jen Lumanlan | May 8, 2022

“On average, authoritative parents spanked just as much as the average of all other parents.  Undoubtedly, some parents can be authoritative without using spanking but we have no evidence that all or even most parents can achieve authoritative parenting without an occasional spank.”    Perhaps you won’t even believe the origin of that quote: it’s…

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How to reconnect with your body – and your child

By Jen Lumanlan | February 12, 2021

If you’re like most parents, you find yourself asking ‘why, why, why?’ on a daily basis. Sometimes you’re referring to your child’s behavior–‘why did he decide to lick the floor at the grocery store?’ Other times, you’re likely asking yourself about your own behavior–‘why did I just lose my mind about an unfinished bowl of…

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Using everyday activities as a foundation for learning

By Jen Lumanlan | December 26, 2020

Have you ever observed a child setting a toy car at the top of a ramp and watching it roll down over and over again? What is it that enables a child to do this for 45 minutes at a time when they won’t sit and listen to a story for more than five minutes?…

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6 Causes of Parental Anxiety – Where does it come from, and what should we do about it?

By Jen Lumanlan | September 11, 2020
Composite image for the Your Parenting Mojo blog with the title of the episode on the foreground which reads 6 Causes of Parental Anxiety – Where does it come from, and what should we do about it? The logo of Your Parenting Mojo is on the lower right and an image of a distressed woman with her hands cupping her face on the background.

The vast majority of the parents I work with are struggling with some form of anxiety related to their parenting. Sometimes this fits the clinical definition of anxiety, but other times it is just continual self-doubt or fear of ‘messing up’ their children. In this post I’m going to discuss six of the most significant…

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6 Reasons to form a Pandemic Pod

By Jen Lumanlan | August 9, 2020
Pandemic Pod school crisis-school homeschool

As school districts are beginning to announce plans to move to remote-only instruction for at least the beginning of the fall semester, many parents are understandably feeling pretty panicked.  They’re looking back to how difficult online learning was in the Spring and are realizing that that model is not going to work for their child.…

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