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Thank You for Listening

I’m so grateful that so many of you choose to listen to the show – I learn a lot from each episode, and I’m glad to be able to share that knowledge with you as well.

…As I’m sure you realize, it costs me a lot of time and money to produce the show for you.

It takes me between 20-40+ hours to prepare each episode – I usually reference twenty or more papers and books for each one, which is a lot of time spent reading and then several more hours writing and synthesizing to draw it all together into something that’s cohesive and tells a balanced story based on the evidence.

On top of this, it costs me $1,200 a year to host the audio and this website, which is not an insignificant amount in the grand scheme of things.  Plus there’s $30/month for the audio editing software, and $10/month so I can actually send emails to y’all letting you know what I’m up to, and you can see how it all adds up.

Recently I reached out to my audience and asked you all what you thought I should do about the large amount of work on my plate at the moment as I work on creating a business to enable our little family to be self-sufficient so we can homeschool our daughter.

I was gratified that many, many of you wrote and said that you actually found the every-week frequency to be a TON of information, and you’d much rather I drop the frequency than risk the show going away.  And while you said said you weren’t in love with the idea of putting episodes behind a paywall, many of you said you’d be happy to contribute toward both the upkeep of the site as well as of our family.

We’re staying ad-free

Some of you even said you’d be willing to have advertising on the show but I’m really very uncomfortable with that.  A big part of this show is conveying to you that you have the tools you need to be a great parent, so why would I then turn around and accept ads for a bunch of crap you don’t need?  One listener implored me to please, please not take ads from a certain mattress company that I’m sure you could name if you listen to a lot of podcasts.  Your wish is my command!

Please, consider helping to sustain the show

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The amounts I suggest for the monthly donation aren’t huge (unless you do actually want me to raise your child for you as well!) – you might have to give up a cup of coffee on the low end, and a cup of really fancy third-wave single-origin coffee freshly roasted by a millennial with a large beard on the high end.

If my work helps you to consider topics you hadn’t considered before, to have meaningful discussions with your co-parent about them, to be a better parent yourself, please do consider sponsoring the show.

Many, many thanks for joining me on this parenting journey – and for your support.