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Another membership to encourage your child’s life-long love of learning.

Both memberships for transformational and lasting change.

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Parenting Membership
Only $25 / month for a limited time
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Learning Membership
Only $35 / month for a limited time
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Parenting Membership

with a Research-Based Backbone

You might be the parent who is trying to survive the day-to-day, or you try to use respectful parenting principles but somehow it all seems to fall apart when your child pushes your buttons. 


You read the books; you listen to the podcasts; you’re in the free groups online, but there’s a big difference between reading/hearing something once, and actually making respectful parenting feel natural.


Or you might be the parent who has found their groove, but is looking to the future for the appropriate tools to set the strongest foundation for your children and family.

This membership is for families who want lasting change, regardless of where they are in their parenting journey.


My refreshed Parenting Membership provides the next level tools, support, & community for parents of children aged 18 months up to about 6 years old (although you’ll be using the tools for the rest of your lives!).


You’ll go from being in panic mode to standing strong in the midst of whatever chaos comes with your child’s new developmental stages or the global challenges we face.  And if you’re already starting from a strong base, gain confidence and additional skills for your parenting journey.

In the three core modules you will:

Learn new problem-solving skills to help you find solutions to the problems that are perpetual causes of tantrums and bad behavior

Discover your family’s goals and values, and understand to what extent your interactions with your child are aligned with those goals and values (and bring them more into alignment if needed!)

Find ways to talk with your spouse about parenting in a way that doesn’t get their back up, or position you as the expert who has all the answers, and invites them on a respectful parenting journey with you

With these core skills under your belt, we’ll then address nine more modules of content on topics ranging from navigating screen time to raising healthy eaters to emotion regulation

Only $39/ month or $399/ first year

Open for enrollment December 1st with everyone starting as a group January 1st


* Special Black Friday Early Bird Enrollment Available Now *

Only $25/ month for a limited time

“The Parenting Membership has been really useful for me because it helped me explicitly and proactively think about my parenting attitude and approach, rather than just reacting to changes as my son gets older.

Before going through the membership materials, it was instinctive for me to just respond to him without thinking about what I was doing or why; like a lot of parents, I was just trying to survive!

But the workbooks and calls supported my wife and I in thinking about our parenting approach and values, which has better prepared us for the challenges of parenting both on a daily basis and longer-term as well, because we now know we're heading in a direction that feels right for our family.

It also helped us discuss our ideas on raising our child even on areas where we have disagreed, which continues to be a really valuable contributor to our relationship. Also, Jen makes a huge amount of complicated research really approachable and easy to understand, which kept us from feeling overwhelmed by information!”

- Jonathan L.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning Membership

Raise a child with a deep intrinsic motivation to learn

Most of us want to raise children who love to learn, but we don’t know how, and even more, how we interact with our children often works against this goal.


When we decide what the child must learn, and we step in and teach them that lesson, the child actually learns that their questions and curiosity about the world aren't valued.


When we pull them away from something that engages them to direct their attention to what we think is important, they learn to look to us to tell them what to learn.


And when we immediately provide the answers they don't learn how to theorize, hypothesize, or even just wonder.

For parents who want to encourage their children’s life-long love of learning, and/or supplement their child’s distance learning, my Supporting Your Child’s Learning Membership will help you to harness your child's natural intrinsic motivation to learn that will carry them through the school years and beyond.


You'll be amazed as you learn to see the world with curiosity and delight (as your child does!), and gain deep confidence that you really are your child's best teacher.


Perfect for parents of children old enough to ask questions through elementary school.

In the two core modules you will:

Understand how children learn, so you can recognize learning when you see it and support it along the way

Begin a learning journal, select the right topic for your first Learning Exploration, and follow a topic of your child’s interest with confidence

You’ll continue to deepen your understanding of your child’s learning with ten more modules of content on ideas like scaffolding, documentation, and supporting the development of critical thinking which will serve them throughout the rest of their life – whether they are in school or not.

Only $46/ month or $499/ first year

Open for enrollment December 1st with everyone starting as a group January 1st


* Special Black Friday Early Bird Enrollment Available Now *

Only $35/ month for a limited time

"My children's creativity and excitement over learning has been exploding. Until recently, my only concern was that we would never get to all the projects we thought of based on their interests.

Now home because of the Coronavirus, we have no shortage of meaningful activities to fill our days for weeks or even months to come. The membership has put me in a position where I can turn lemons into lemonade."

– Sara N.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Learning + Community + Support

A Purpose-Built, Flexible & Self-Guided Online Learning Resource

  • A comprehensive set of modules to help you assess what’s happening through reading and written exercises, before implementing specific strategies to your own family’s needs
  • Video and audio walk-throughs of each PDF guide, so you can learn how you learn best
  • Video answers to commonly asked questions (more videos added when new questions are asked!)
  • The opportunity to have particularly thorny questions answered by Jen in a 1:1 consult

YPM Membership Community & Support

  • A welcoming community of like-minded parents who share similar challenges and goals, leaning & learning from one another
  • Private Facebook Group to interact, get help, share stories and interact
  • “R-E-C” Group Support (RELATE-ENGAGE-CONNECT): Each member can join a small group (approximately 4-6 members) that meets on a weekly basis, focused on supporting you in taking the next tiny (and very doable!) step on your journey

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