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Why children ask ‘why?’ – and how to stop it from driving you crazy

‘Building a foundation for life-long learning’ is a common phrase to find in school mission statements, yet student motivation is an ongoing concern in public education: children’s engagement with learning actually decreases as time spent in traditional school increases. For parents of preschoolers, this news may be surprising.  After all, our young children have an…

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The six skills children REALLY need to succeed as adults

Have you heard of Gitanjali Rao? She’s from Colorado, and she was named America’s Top Young Scientist in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge in 2017 – at age 11. She’s a brilliant kid. Her award-winning project was an inexpensive device that detects the presence of lead in tap water faster than currently used…

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Eight things you must consider before choosing a preschool

Notes: This is a guest post from Evelyn Nichols M.Ed of Mighty Bambinis and explains the reasoning behind the questions found in the YPM Preschool Visit Checklist, which you can download and take with you on preschool tours – it’s relevant for children ages ~1-5. Click here to download the checklist Also, check out the…

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