Do you find yourself in constant struggles with your child?

Does your child's behavior leave you frustrated, and sometimes even ANGRY?

Do many of your days end (or begin!) in a battle worthy of Game of Thrones?

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More often than you would like, your child:

Doesn't listen to you

Doesn't do what you ask

Seems 'out of control' 

When this happens, you feel:




Then you:


Humiliate ("I can't believe you did that!  Why would you do something like that?!")

Maybe even swat or spank

After you've calmed down, you feel:

Shame (You know this isn't how you want to parent)

Guilt (You know these interactions aren't helping your child to develop the skills they need)

Hopelessness (You don't know what to do differently)

This is called "Feeling Triggered," and while it might seem like your child's behavior is the thing that needs to change, you can actually shift their behavior by changing your reaction.

When you join my FREE nine-day Tame Your Triggers workshop, you'll learn:

What is a trigger, and how to identify yours;

Where triggers come from  - examining previously experienced trauma, as well as the stresses of daily life;

How to use mindfulness (in just a few minutes a day!) to help you avoid being triggered in the first place, and respond more effectively when you are occasionally still triggered.

How to recognize when you’re in a frame of mind that makes you susceptible to feeling triggered, and take specific steps to make yourself more trigger-proof;

How to help your child WANT to cooperate with you, so you don't have to lose your cool.

By the end of the online workshop, you will:

Understand why your child's behavior leaves you so frustrated and angry (hint: it isn’t really all about your child!);

Feel triggered less often;

Know what to do on those occasions when you are still triggered, and how to use them as a way to deepen your relationship with your child;

Use these interactions with your child to model problem-solving skills that your child can use throughout their lives.

How do I participate in the free online workshop?

The workshop is currently underway and is not accepting new registrants

You can still sign up for the free webinar on July 25th that summarizes the workshop!

Read the daily emails

One each day for nine days, each containing a short quiz, exercise, or journaling prompt

Do the daily homework tasks

Most can be done in 10-20 minutes per day; if you are feeling triggered often then spending closer to 30 minutes could yield great benefits

View the Facebook Lives

I'll be live in the Your Parenting Mojo Facebook group about every other day to help you dig deeper and to answer your questions (you can watch these anytime you like if you miss them live)

Watch the atmosphere shift in your home

  • You feel triggered less often;
  • You feel more in control of your reaction when you are occasionally still triggered;
  • You and your children are more connected and better able to work together to solve problems
jen holding carys

Hi! I'm Jen (and that's Carys)

I never saw myself as a mother.  I don’t really ‘do’ nurturing – at least not of things that have a lot of needs and can’t be reasoned with.  In hindsight, I spent rather too much time on my birth plan, and not nearly enough time thinking about what the time after the birth might be like.

When Carys was about four months old I was actually starting to think about discipline (a bit early, I know…).  I didn’t know how I was going to be a parent whose kid didn’t walk all over them without being a parent who always said “no.”

A couple of weeks after that, some friends were visiting with their toddler son.  We were in the living room and he went running down our hallway to our bedroom.  His Mom called after him: “Jack, please don’t go in there – it’s private.  You can go in the nursery or come back to the living room.”

Jack stopped on the threshold of our bedroom, peeked in, and then ran back to the living room.

“How did you do that?” I said.

The answer launched my journey as a parent: toward a Master's in Psychology (focused on Child Development), followed by another in Education, all underpinned by principles of respectful parenting.

Then I launched a podcast to share what I learned with others (I'll send you updates after you’re done with the workshop).


I’ll be right beside you every day with information, support, and resources, starting on Monday July 8th.


Have questions about the challenge?  Just drop me an email at  There's a real person on the other end (me!) and I'll gladly do what I can to help.