144: Supporting Your Gifted Child


Is your child gifted?


Do you wonder if they’re gifted but aren’t quite sure?


Do you want to know how to support your gifted child’s learning in a way that doesn’t pressure them or make them resist working with you?


If so, this episode will help.


I have to say, I wasn’t sure where this one was going to end up.  I was really uneasy about the concept of giftedness from the outset, perhaps because the way I had previously come into contact with it was through our conversation with Dr. Allison Roda, from whom we learned how some parents manipulate the Gifted & Talented program in New York City to perpetuate segregated education.


But even so, I tried to go into the research with an open mind.  What if it’s just the G&T programs as they’re set up in New York City that are the problem, not the entire concept of giftedness itself?


The good news is that there’s a good deal of evidence on what kinds of programs benefit gifted children.  And in this episode I end up arguing that we shouldn’t just put gifted children in them, but that all children would benefit from learning using these methods.



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