132: How implicit bias affects my child (Part 2)

Do we really know what implicit bias is, and whether we have it?

This is the second episode on our two-part series on implicit bias; the first part was an interview with Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, former Dean of the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and co-creator of the Implicit Association Test.

But the body of research on this topic is large and quite complicated, and I couldn’t possibly do it justice in one episode.  There are a number of criticisms of the test which are worth examining, so we can get a better sense for whether implicit bias is really something we should be spending our time thinking about – or if our problems with explicit bias are big enough that we would do better to focus there first.

Jump to highlights:
  • (03:38) Is implicit bias baked into our bodies?
  • (06:27) About the Implicit Association Test (IAT)
  • (08:13) Criticism of the IAT and Dr. Banaji’s response
  • (12:48) Blindspot and the inception of the IAT
  • (13:41) We make judgements about individuals based on how they look
  • (14:12) We often say things that aren’t true, even if we think we are truthful
  • (16:01) The premise of the IAT and how it works
  • (18:13) Conflicting definition of what implicit bias is
  • (19:40) Meta-analysis of implicit bias
  • (33:16) Implicit bias on the decline in recent years
  • (35:37) The persistent problem with IAT
  • (42:59) From macro-issues to the micro-issues of IAT
  • (53:54) My takeways



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