161: New masculinites for older boys with Dr. Michael Kehler & Caroline Brunet

We’ve covered a number of episodes in the past that feed into this one, including Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys with Dr. Judy Chu (which focused on boys’ understanding of masculinity in the preschool years), and Playing to Win with Dr. Hilary Levy Friedman (which looked at the lessons children learn from sports…which aren’t really related to the sports themselves…).


And of course there are the two episodes on patriarchy; the interview with Dr. Carol Gilligan, as well as my conversation with listener Brian Stout about what we learned during the interview.


A few weeks ago listener Caroline and I interviewed Dr. Marnina Gonick on the topic of girls’ relationships, which stemmed from the question ‘why are middle/high school-aged girls so mean to each other?’ but became much broader in scope as we looked at the cultural factors shaping girls’ relationships. At the end of that conversation I asked Dr. Gonick if she knew anyone who was doing work similar to hers but looking at boys’ relationships, and she did!


In today’s conversation Caroline returns to co-interview Dr. Michael Kehler, who is Research Professor in Masculinities Studies at the Weklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. We discuss how masculinity isn’t something that boys are; it’s something they do, how the traditional interpretation of masculinity hurts our boys and girls, and what parents can do to support boys in engaging in alternative masculinities that allow them to feel more whole as people.


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Jen Lumanlan (M.S., M.Ed.) hosts the Your Parenting Mojo podcast (www.YourParentingMojo.com), which examines scientific research related to child development through the lens of respectful parenting.

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