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SYPM 009: How to Set Boundaries in Parenting

By Jen Lumanlan | Nov 29, 2020

My guest for this episode is life coach and reparenting expert Xavier Dagba, who is here to discuss the topic of boundaries in parenting. We don’t tend to learn much about having boundaries when we’re young, because our culture teaches that children shouldn’t really need or have them (and those of us who are using…

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123: Maternal Ambivalence: What it is, and what to do about it

By Jen Lumanlan | Nov 1, 2020

This episode builds on our recent conversations with Dr. Moira Mikolajczak on Parental Burnout and with Dr. Susan Pollak on Self-Compassion. Today we talk with Dr. Sarah LaChance Adams, Florida Blue Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Director of the Florida Blue Center for Ethics at the University of North Florida, on…

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119: Aligning Your Parenting With Your Values

By Jen Lumanlan | Sep 7, 2020

Ever have a vague sense that your interactions with your child aren’t quite aligned with your values…but aren’t quite sure what to do about it?   Have you been to a protest and shouted “Black Lives Matter!  Fight the Power!”…and then gone home and forced your child to brush their teeth?   Have you chastised…

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parenting across cultures, cross-cultural parenting

SYPM 007: Parenting Across Cultural Divides

By Jen Lumanlan | Aug 23, 2020

In this episode we hear from Denise, who claims to have listened to every Your Parenting Mojo episode… Denise is a Filipina living in Madrid, and the intentional, respectful parenting style she’s chosen to use is somewhat out of place in both cultures.  She wanted to chat about what to do when her daughter is…

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father, mother, daughter and son with shopping bags

118: Are You Raising Materialistic Kids?

By Jen Lumanlan | Aug 11, 2020

This episode on the topic of materialism concludes our series on the intersection of parenting and money.  Here we talk with Dr. Susanna Opree of Erasmus University Rotterdam, who studies the effect of advertising and commercial media on use, materialism, and well-being. We discuss how children’s understanding of materialism shifts as they age, the extent…

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