Modern Parenting

185: How can we raise resilient children?

By Jen Lumanlan | May 28, 2023

A lot of parents (and teachers) are concerned right now about children’s resilience. Will they ‘bounce back’ from the difficulties of the pandemic?   But is ‘bouncing back’ really the way we should be thinking about this? We have all been changed by the pandemic; shouldn’t we acknowledge this and see how we can be the…

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184: How to get on the same page as your co-parent

By Jen Lumanlan | May 7, 2023

Do you sometimes wish your co-parent would join you on the respectful parenting journey you’re on?   Would things be easier if you were on the same page?   Does it seem like you try to convince them using all the research you’ve done respectful parenting…only to have them throw up the “I don’t think…

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183: What I wish I’d known about parenting

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 30, 2023

Recently, a number of parents in the Parenting Membership have posted in our community about challenges they’ve faced that they’ve navigated with grace that would have seemed insurmountable a couple of years ago.   Many of these are parents of children who are already through the toddler stage, and the parents are starting to see…

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182: How to get frustrating behavior to stop

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 23, 2023

This episode addresses common challenging behaviors in children, especially their frustrating behavior. Offering hope and practical strategies for parents to navigate and resolve these issues effectively.

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180: How to get your children to stop fighting

By Jen Lumanlan | Mar 26, 2023

If there’s one topic that never fails to rile parents up, it’s sibling fighting.   Why does it affect us so much?  (There are two main reasons.)   Why is this happening, and what can we do about it?  There are two main reasons, and one strategy to use with each reason.    That’s it!…

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