SYPM 020: Preparing for the afterbirth with Renee Reina

By Jen Lumanlan | Apr 4, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I spent a LOT of time thinking about my birth plan before Carys was born.  I mean, that thing went through multiple iterations as I read new books about the birth process and thought about what I wanted mine to be like.   And I got lucky; we didn’t…

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152: Everything you need to know about sleep training

By Jen Lumanlan | Mar 27, 2022

We’ve already covered a couple of episodes on sleep, including the cultural issues associated with sleep, then more recently we talked with Dr. Chris Winter about his book The Rested Child where we looked at sleep issues in older children.   But if you have a young child who isn’t sleeping well, from the baby stage all the…

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SYPM 016: Getting it right from the start with a new baby

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 24, 2021

In this episode we do something we haven’t done before – talk with podcast listeners who aren’t parents yet!   Kellie and Jon are an amazing couple living in Tennessee.  Kellie is a bit of a planner (by which I mean that during her Ph.D program Jon noticed Kellie was getting stressed about when they…

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146: The Rested Child with Dr. Chris Winter

By Jen Lumanlan | Oct 17, 2021

Sleep!  It’s a topic that’s on pretty much every parent’s mind.  We’ve already looked at this from a cultural perspective, where we learned our Western approach to sleep is by no means universal, and that this can result in quite a few of the problems we face in getting our children to sleep.   In…

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138: Most of what you know about attachment is probably wrong

By Jen Lumanlan | Jun 6, 2021

New parents often worry about attachment to their baby – will I be able to build it? My baby cries a lot – does that mean that we aren’t attached? If I put my baby in daycare, will they get attached to the daycare staff rather than to me? Based on the ideas about attachment…

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