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Want to stop playing Tug of War with your child?

“Please put your shoes away.” “I don’t want to.” “Put your shoes away now.” “No!” “If you don’t put them away you can’t watch cartoons tonight, and maybe we won’t have dessert either!” ~sigh~  (A conversation like this has never happened in your house, right?  Didn’t think so.  Mine either😉)  When we ask our child…

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The 4 best resilience-building strategies for children and adults

Trauma from events like Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can dramatically impact both individuals and their families long after the event itself is over. Even people who have experienced things that you wouldn’t necessarily think was a huge deal (which psychologists call “little t trauma”) can elevate a person’s risk for a wide-range of social, emotional,…

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When a crying child is a sign of good parenting

My daughter was having a meltdown this afternoon when I picked her up from preschool. A friend had ‘taken’ a creation she had made – a plastic bottle and a tube of cardboard, and it had broken. The friend fixed the toy and gave it back to us, but the crying didn’t abate. I leaned…

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The respectful parent’s guide to surviving the holidays

Holidays are a time of family, friends, and passing on traditions to children. The songs, the sparkly celebration lights, families coming together – everything says that this is the most wonderful time of the year. And most of the time, it is. Although at other times it can be extremely stressful! If you have young…

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How (and why!) to set family goals

The new year is (almost!) here and that means one thing: new year’s resolutions. Some 68 percent of us set a goal (though we often give them up, too), and most of us vow to eat healthier, exercise, and save (more) money.  But since 91 percent of Americans surveyed say that family is the most…

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