The Temperament Assessment Quiz

This quiz will help you to understand more about how your temperament interacts with your child’s temperament so you can have a more cooperative relationship with your child. There are nine questions about your child followed by nine about yourself.

1Child Assessment
2Adult Assessment
  • The Temperament Assessment Quiz for Children

    Please answer the following nine questions about your child
  • How much does the child wiggle and move around when being read to, sitting at a table, or playing alone?
  • Is the child regular about eating times, sleeping times, amount of sleep needed, and bowel movements?
  • How quickly does the child adapt to changes in their routine, or to new foods, people, or places?
  • How does the child usually react the first time to new people, new foods, new toys, and new activities?
  • How aware is the child of slight noises, slight differences in temperature, differences in taste/texture of food, and the texture of clothing?
  • How strong or violent are the child's reactions? Does the child experience extreme emotions, or do they just smile and fuss mildly?
  • Is the child easily distracted, or does she or he ignore distractions? Will the child continue to work or play when other noises or children are present?
  • How much of the time does the child show pleasant, joyful behavior compared with unpleasant crying and fussing behavior?
  • How long does the child continue with one activity? Does the child usually continue if it is difficult?
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