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109: Education in a time between worlds

It seems pretty clear that we are in a societal ‘liminal space’ right now, which is a threshold between what we have known until now and what we will know in the future.

We are also in a liminal space related to learning and education, as schools hastily try to move learning online (despite disparities in access to online learning systems), and we have an incredible opportunity to think through what we think children’s learning should look like in the future.

In today’s episode we hear from Dr. Zak Stein, who has spent many years thinking about ways in which the education system in the United States could be reimagined to take advantage of virtual learning opportunities and ‘learning labs,’ which gather resources around learners instead of having learning take place in classrooms isolated from real-world experience.  Dr. Stein is a big-picture thinker, and it was really exciting to sit with him and envision the future of learning.

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