Parenting & Learning, Together
Parenting & Learning are HARD right now
Let me support you, so you can support your child
Parenting & Learning are HARD
right now
Let me support you,
so you can support your child

Before, parenting was hard enough.

Now you're simultaneously parenting, working, and Zoom-Schooling in a pandemic - and things cannot keep going like this.

Strengthen family connections. Support your child's learning - through the crisis, and beyond.

COVID-19 is amplifying everyday parenting stresses

More than ever, parents are feeling:

  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally drained
  • Completely overwhelmed by the 24/7 balancing act
  • Worried that your yelling and short temper with your child is negatively impacting your child's emotional health
  • Anxious about your child falling behind at school
  • Alternately grateful to be spending more time with your child...and guilty that it's making you miserable
Today I want to tell you about my two memberships, open now, that have helped hundreds of parents support their families and thrive throughout these trying times.

1.   The Finding Your Parenting Mojo Membership helps you support your child’s development, and makes parenting easier. The foundation modules teach you tools that you and your family will use to prevent tantrums and spousal disagreements. The following modules use the skills you practiced from those intro modules and builds on current, research-backed information to help you address your most prevalent parenting struggles.

2.   The Your Child's Learning Mojo Membership focuses on empowering you to support your child's intrinsic love of learning, whether you are homeschooling, distance learning, or are regularly enrolled... and it's a lot of fun!

And here on this page, you'll find the opportunity* to bundle the two memberships together for complete support of your whole child's development and education while also enabling you to build the family life of your dreams.
 *With a discount and some extra special bonuses, of course!

I'm Ready To See The Prices!
There are NO gimmicks or tricks here

If you've ever googled a parenting question, you can deeply relate to the conflicted feelings over choosing which solution to follow. I've been there, too! You've found that the quick fixes you find in your parenting groups (like reward systems and praise, behavior charts, counting to 3, ignoring problem behavior so they whine more to 'get their way', etc.) are not actually effective for your unique child and family. And you feel concerned that those tactics are not even appropriate for children's development in general.

The courses in my memberships cover the most frequent parenting struggles in a hyper-succinct summary based on the work and tools from thousands of educated and experienced individuals in the academic and practicing fields of child development, education, psychology, and neurobiology.

I'm Jen Lumanlan and I host the Your Parenting Mojo podcast - named "Best Research-Based Parenting Podcast" by Lifehacker with over 1 million downloads and 300 5-star ratings over the past 5 years.

I've made it incredibly simple for you to get answers you can trust by doing over 4,500 hours of research using over 3,000 peer-reviewed academic journals and articles and reading hundreds of books about child development and education.

I have 2 masters degrees, in Education and Child Development Psychology. I'm also a trained Co-Active Coach, which means I won't just listen to you - I'll really hear you. I can suggest a path forward...or just a reframe of your own thinking so the issue no longer seems like a problem.

All of my hard work is now carefully curated into one easy to access platform across these two parenting and learning memberships which we affectionately refer to by their acronyms as FYPM and YCLM. For the past 2 years I have been adding new content and support based on member requests and feedback to make a program that, quite simply, just works.

My work is unique in the parent coaching and courses profession as I actually draw research together from across the child development and education fields, as well as far beyond them. I will give you up-to-date, research-backed information and support implementing the positive parenting and child-led learning principals  that will replace your child's behavior and school struggles with cooperation, collaboration, curiosity, compassion and JOY!

The memberships will confidently guide you through the steps to meet your parenting and child education goals while also embracing you in a warm, supportive and like-minded community that will answer your questions, AND a coaching program to help you find your next steps, and hold you accountable to them.

These memberships together will give your child a chance at a childhood, home life, and education that ensures their future success.

As you work through these memberships, you will feel:

  • That you, your spouse, and your children are on the same page.  You're not 'trying to get your children to cooperate;' you're a strong, cohesive team that works together to meet everyone's needs
  • That you haven't just intellectually understood some new parenting tools, but you will have truly incorporated these ideas into your core being, so they spring naturally and easily when you need them
  • A sense of calm and peace in your children.  You'll know: "I've got this."
Together we'll get through this, and your family will come out stronger
Here's how the memberships work:
Low-to-no time commitment
Each month for the next year you'll get access to two new course modules (one from the parenting membership and one from the learning membership) to work through at your own pace. We drip them out so you have time to focus, implement and iterate each topic with your family while getting plenty of support from the community when you need it before we move on. Want to spend longer on each topic? No problem! Once it's unlocked you can work on it for as long as you need to. Skip topics that aren't relevant to you yet and come back to them when you're ready. 
Comprehensive Guided Courses
Each course module contains a guide in 3 super-accessible formats that fit your learning style and busy schedule. Access anywhere. Each guide video is about 30 min long and includes speed controls so you can learn at your pace. You can download the audio reading to listen while you do chores, shower or drive and a PDF guide you can upload to your Kindle. Some modules have additional supportive content, assessments and question templates to help you further your exploration on that topic.
Easy to Binge FAQ Videos
Each module also has a set of optional videos with answers to the most frequently asked questions I get regarding each topic to help you get a firmer feeling for how to implement the information. The videos are broken down to just one question so you don't have to wade through irrelevant content and are about 5 minutes long each.
Support, Friends and Coaching!
You'll get access to the private Facebook group community where you can share your questions, progress and hear from other like-minded parents about how they're managing similar struggles. Jen spends a LOT of time in the groups answering questions, coaching members and helping you get clarity on your next steps.
If you still have questions, you can submit them for opportunities to get 1:1 coaching with Jen.

Even more targeted support and accountability (if you want it)
Plus you have the option join a small group focused on the topic of the month (but open to any topic you're working on) to refine your family's unique plan to approach each topic and move beyond learning to actually start taking those critical steps.

SO Many FREE Courses!
Scroll down to learn more about both memberships and check out all the bonuses courses and goodies I'm throwing in to ensure you have everything you need to finally help your child and get the family of your dreams, and you won't want to miss the the limited time additional bonuses!

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

Know that whatever 'difficult behavior' comes up with your child - from answering back to refusals to cooperate to tantrums - you have a plan to keep it from happening again

Open up conversations with your spouse that have been triggering until now, in a way that invites their input and identifies a resolution that works for both of you

Be confident that your child will regularly play independently so you can get work done or spend time on self-care activities

Go beyond 'just surviving' the next school year to 'truly thriving' - using this time to connect with your family and support your child's intrinsic love of learning, while still having enough time, energy, and space left over for yourself

Feel sure that your child won't be behind if this year at school turns into a loss - and in fact will have used the coming months to develop social, emotional, and learning skills that will ease their transition back

When parenting is hard…

For parents of children aged around 18 months to 6 years

The Finding Your Parenting Mojo membership helps you to:

Solve problems that are leading to difficult behavior
Get on the same page as your parenting partner
Find your ‘North Star’ of goals and values

And from there, solve the problems that seem pressing
(Raising healthy eaters, navigating screen time, emotion regulation…)

Explore the Finding Your Parenting Mojo Membership modules

The 3-part proven Family Fix-Up Framework will form the foundation of every aspect of your approach to parenting.

Module 1 - How To Cope With Tantrums:

  • Understand the REAL causes of your child’s big feelings 
  • Understand your own feelings and needs
  • Find new solutions to problems where none seemed to exist before!

Module 2 - Parenting As A Team:

  • Start difficult conversations with your partner by inviting their engagement
  • Stop using approaches that shut down emotional intimacy
  • Become aligned where you both decide it really counts…and then get out of each other’s way!

Module 3 - Goal Setting:

  • Set the parenting goals that are right for your family, based on your values
  • Identify discrepancies between your goals and your interactions with your child
  • Bring interactions with your child into alignment with your goals and values
In the following modules we'll go on to apply the framework to all the different areas where you're struggling.
Module 4 - Raising Healthy Eaters:
  • Support your child in developing healthy eating habits
  • Increase acceptance of new foods
  • Create the rules and guidelines around food that work for your family
Module 5 - Emotion Regulation:
  • Understand what are 'normal' Emotion Regulation skills
  • Assess your own emotional awareness
  • Support your child's developing ER
Module 6 - Raising Siblings:
  • Raise siblings with their own unique supportive relationships
  • Help siblings to navigate their own squabbles
  • Understand and manage your own triggers related to their fights
Module 7 - Navigating Screen Time:
  • Understand what scientific research really says about screen time
  • Translate the research into rules that are right for your family
Module 8 - Temperament:
  • Learn to understand your and your child's temperament, and how to increase the alignment between you
  • See your child's struggles in context (which includes us)
  • Support your child in having more successful interactions with others
Module 9 - Rhythms, Rituals & Routines:
  • Understand how rhythms, rituals, and routines can help you create a life that's lived in accordance with your values
  • The unique role each plays in your life
  • Fix or change a broken routine so it better meets your needs
Module 10 - Anxiety & Parenting:
  • Do the inner work needed to support an anxious child
  • Navigate your own anxiety related to parenting
Module 11 - Supporting Anxious Children:
  • See how anxiety manifests in children's behavior
  • Identify the true sources of anxiety in your child's life
  • Help them to navigate their experience of anxiety (not just reduce symptoms)
Module 12 - Self Compassion:
  • Understand how we can use self-compassion to reduce our suffering
  • Learn effective self-compassion practices
  • Raise children who have a different relationship with self-compassion than you have
  • 12 months of membership in our private community
  • 12 months of personalized, small group support
  • 12 modules of pre-recorded Q&As
  • Opportunity for 1:1 coaching while you’re enrolled
Here's what members are saying:

But what about
When learning is lacking…

For parents of children old enough to ask questions through upper elementary

The Your Child’s Learning Mojo membership helps you to:
See learning that’s already happening
Stop ‘teaching’ and start ‘supporting’
Learn all the skills you need to raise an adult who LOVES to learn

Explore the Your Child's Learning Mojo Modules

The Your Child's Learning Mojo membership includes 3 foundational modules that form the backbone of your approach to the deeper topics.

Module 1 - Getting Started:

  • What scientific research says about how children learn (explained in easy-to-understand terms) so you can see what stage of the learning process they're in when it's happening; how to understand a child's true interests (hint: just asking them probably won't work); how to help them see learning as something they can control; why quickly finding the answer to the child's question should not be our goal; supplies needed to set up a learning space and learning journal

Module 2 - Your First Learning Exploration:

  • How to identify potential topics for a learning exploration and pick one that is most likely to yield a 'successful' result for you and your child; how to generate hypotheses, identify initial resources, extend the topic of inquiry, engage external experts, demonstrate learning, and overcome the inevitable challenges

Module 3 - Using Nature As A Muse:

  • Activities to increase your sense of awareness in nature, how to start a nature journal for yourself and your child; how to deepen both your and your child's appreciation for and learning about the natural world - whether you do this in a swamp or from your windowsill.
Once you've covered the basics, the following modules will address all aspects of your child's learning.
Module 4 - Deschooling:
  • Begin shifting your ideas about what learning in through deschooling
  • Align your approach to learning with respectful parenting
  • Supporting multiple and differently abled learners
Module 5 - Listening:
  • Understand how our 'image of the child' impacts our view of their learning
  • The eight types of listening, and specific uses for each one
  • The one appropriate way to use provocations to extend learning
Module 6 - Documentation:
  • Reasons to document a child's learning
  • See how the process of documentation can change the child's experience of learning
  • Use documentation to enhance learning and discussions about learning, rather than just record what happened
Module 7 - Play Based Learning:
  • Understand the processes that happen between you and your child during learning
  • Learn how to 'scaffold' your child's knowledge effectively
  • Know when it is not appropriate to scaffold and instead allow mistakes to stand 
Module 8 - Scaffolding:
  • See why the sense of connection to place is critical for children's love of learning
  • Develop the foundation for a connection to place and to community
  • Challenge your child to view the world through political, economic, & social lenses
Module 9 - Critical Thinking:
  • Support your child in conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information 
  • Raise a child who can make difficult decisions and find solutions to problems that haven't been imagined yet
Module 10 - 12: Three more modules to be selected and developed with members' input
  • 12 months of membership in our private community
  • 12 months of personalized, small group support
  • 12 modules of pre-recorded Q&As
  • Opportunity for 1:1 coaching while you’re enrolled
Here's what members are saying:


These BONUSES Come With The Memberships

Help With All Your Parenting Struggles

  • Conversation Starter Cards
  • Getting Back on Track Pack

Supplemental Learning Resources

  • Math and Reading Tips sheets
  • Discount on 1:1 coaching

I have another Limited Time* additional bonus offer!

When you buy the FYPM + YCLM Together Bundle today you'll also get these:

Additional Bonuses!

*Must purchase the Together Bundle before midnight Pacific on Sept 25

Two additional modules
• Supporting Peer Relationships
• Navigating Gender Roles

Free Siblings Survival Guide / Big Feelings Guide from the hosts of the Upbringing podcast

Playing with Purpose: Help Your Child Prepare, Practice, & Process through Play Course with Dr. Laura Froyen 

That's $179 of additional value on top of the priceless value of the memberships!
What is this worth to you?

For less than the price of your daily Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (that's just $4.95) you can create a peaceful home full of lifelong learners.

I did some more research for you here and on average you could be spending $4,800 per year on behavior therapy, $2,900 for 6 months of marriage counseling, and $3,850 per year on special tutors, workbooks, and extracurricular activities they don't even want to do... Spend your time and money making magical memories, going on vacations, laughing and playing with your children, actually letting them have the childhood you dreamed of for them!

Just give me 1 hour of your attention per month and you can trade in all your nightly research time, the multiple times daily behavior battles, and all the time spent nagging your whole family to help out or just listen for once!

What does it cost?

The current cost of each membership separately is $997, so buying both would cost you $1,994 alone.

Purchasing all the limited time bonuses I'm offering for the memberships and this bundle separately would set you back an additional $232 (and you can't even buy the additional bonus modules separately!).

But you don't have to pay $2,226 when you buy today.

Right now I'm offering the Finding Your Parenting Mojo and Your Child's Learning Mojo Memberships Together Bundle that only takes you 1 hour a month to learn in whatever format and speed works best for you, PLUS 13 bonuses and a 90 Day Guarantee so you can try it and make sure it works for your unique family for just $149.50 per month for 12 months.

Test It, Try It, Love it – Guaranteed

Join the memberships. Watch, read, or listen to the content. Find support in the community & make progress in your small group.

If you’re not on a better track by the holidays, I’ll give you your money back.

Just email

Finding Your Parenting Mojo
+ Your Child's Learning Mojo
Memberships Together Bundle

  • 24 Parenting and Learning Modules including the guide in video, audio and PDF format AND the Q&A short videos
  • 12 Months Support in my Private Groups
  • 12 Months Support with Small Groups
  • Opportunities for 1:1 Coaching
  • 8 Additional Bonuses!
  • 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Regular Purchase Price: $2,226

Monthly Payment

Break up the bundle into 12 convenient monthly payments

2 New modules released monthly

Buy now
One-time Payment

This breaks down to just $149.50 per month saving you $432 when you buy the bundle upfront


Immediate access to all modules

Buy now
Frequently Asked Questions
Divider Text

What will I get out of these memberships?
You can find a lot of parenting advice online (most of it not backed by scientific research).

You can find worksheets online (but you know you don't want to enforce worksheet completion for the next four months)

With this membership, you get the complete package.

In the very first module, we'll give you tools to create a more cooperative environment in your home.

You'll also learn how to support your child's intrinsic love of learning (no worksheets required!) when you are spending dedicated time with your child.

Divider Text

How old should my child be for me to get the most out of the memberships?
There's a fairly wide age range here.

To get the most out of the Finding Your Parenting Mojo membership your child should be 12-18 months old - if you're struggling with tantrums and transitions and feel lost when it comes to discipline, your child is old enough.

To get the most out of the Your Child's Learning Mojo membership your child should be old enough to ask questions.

The upper end for both memberships is flexible and relevant to mid/late elementary schoolers.

Divider Text

Do I have to join both memberships?


If your child isn't asking questions yet, please don't join Your Child's Learning Mojo.

If you really feel like parenting is under control (you don't find yourself triggered by your child's behavior; you can discuss your child's feelings and needs and find alternate solutions to problems in your relationship), then please don't join Finding Your Parenting Mojo.

I want you to get ONLY the tools you need, and not the ones you don't!

Here are a couple pages to learn more about each membership and purchase just the one you need:

Finding Your Parenting Mojo Membership

Your Child's Learning Mojo Membership

Divider Text

Are there any more discounts available?
I have experimented with offering hardship discounts but I've learned that the people who pay a deeply discounted rate rarely participate in a way that allows them to really get the benefits that the group offers if you are fully engaged.  I think you need some ‘skin in the game’ to see the value that doing this kind of work can bring.

That said, having studied inequality for a couple of years now, I would never want the group to be truly inaccessible to someone who feels it will really benefit them.  If joining the group would strongly benefit you but the price would take meals out of your children’s mouths, then please email us at to (briefly) explain your situation and I’ll do what I can to accommodate you.

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Will the Your Child's Learning Mojo membership keep my child busy while I work?
The Your Child's Learning Mojo membership will guide you in supporting your child's intrinsic love of learning, both while they're young and for their entire lives.

It's not designed to provide busy-work (although we'll give you pointers on keeping your child busy in the coming weeks while you get work done - parents I'm working with are calling these methods 'lifesaving'!).

What you'll learn in this membership is designed for the times when you are focused on your child, supporting their learning (but without you needing to 'teach' them).  Nobody expects this to happen for many hours a day right now.  It's a tool that will carry your child far beyond school-based learning...even if you only have a few hours a week to do it.

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I don't do Facebook. Can I still join?
You can still join if you're not on Facebook, and you'll receive the content of the memberships through a dedicated website.  You'll miss out on the community aspect of the work, though, and given that a lack of community is going to strain all of us, perhaps this would be a good time to create a temporary, anonymous profile so you can participate even in the short term?
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I have more questions. Where can I reach you?
No problem!  If you have specific questions about Finding Your Parenting Mojo or Your Child's Learning Mojo, please take a look at the dedicated pages for these memberships.

If you're still stumped, just drop me a line at and I'll do what I can to help!

I can't wait to meet you in the memberships!

© Jen Lumanlan 2020 - All Rights Reserved