What Carys wants you to know about your children’s feelings

After dinner a few days ago, Carys randomly started telling us that if we want to understand some of the things she’s feeling, we should cast our minds back to when we were children and remember how we would have felt about it at the time.  The conversation continued as we explored more of her feelings when she’s having difficult moments, and at some point someone (recollections differ on exactly who it was!) suggested we record a podcast episode about it.

Carys was immediately on board and wanted to do it right away, but we came back to it the next afternoon.  She thinks that parents often don’t understand how their children are feeling and she’d like suggest ways to help your children when they’re behaving in a way that may seem ‘difficult’ to you.

Jump to highlights:

  • (01:00) My special guest in her podcasting debut
  • (02:18) What helps to understand your kid’s feelings
  • (03:18) Feeling the physical sensations of frustration
  • (03:42) What Carys feels when she get ‘that feeling’
  • (04:19) Parents don’t really understand that children sometimes want to be alone
  • (06:07) Different kids deal with things in different ways
  • (07:34) Our new method for when we disagree on things
  • (10:37) We have rewards now
  • (11:46) Carys’s thoughts on problem solving






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