117: Socialization and Pandemic Pods

Your Parenting Mojo Episode 117 Socialization and Pandemic Pods

One of the questions I see asked most often in parenting forums these days is some variation on:

“I’m worried about my child’s socialization now that it looks like daycares, preschools and schools have been closed for several months and will likely remain closed for several more months. Can someone please tell me if I really do need to worry about what the complete lack of socialization with other children will do to my [only] child?”

So we’ll take a look at that, and then we’ll go on to take a look at the other kinds of socialization that happen in school that you may not have even realized happens until we dig into the research on it.


I also let you know about a new Pandemic Pods ‘in a box’ course.  A lot of parents are thinking of forming what are being called Pandemic Pods – a small group of children who are working together either in some kind of parent care exchange or with a hired teacher/tutor.

As I’m sure you can imagine, there are a host of ways to set up these pods in a way that exacerbate existing inequalities that pervade the public school system.  And there are also ways to set them up that might actually help us to begin to overcome some of these issues.  Listen in to learn how!

Click here to learn more about the Pandemic Pods ‘in a box’ course


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