116: Turn Work-Family Conflict Into Work-Family Balance

Mother trying to work from home while children plays in background

Work-family conflict can seem unavoidable – especially in the era of COVID when we’re either working from home with children underfoot all day, or we’re an essential worker who has to leave the house and can’t find childcare.

In this conversation with licensed psychologist Dr. Yael Schonbrun, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Brown University, and co-host of the Psychologists Off The Clock podcast, we acknowledge that we must enact policies that provide more of a safety net for families.  But even in the absence of these policies, we can make choices that allow us to live in greater alignment with our values, and also find a sense of peace.

If you enjoyed episode 113 on Dr. Chris Niebauer’s book No Self, No Problem, then you’ll find that the tools we discuss in this episode flow directly from that one.


Here’s a link to the Choice Point tool that we discuss

Here are some Psychologists Off The Clock episodes that discuss Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in greater depth:






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