Growth & Development

147: Sugar Rush with Dr. Karen Throsby

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 9, 2022

This episode continues our conversation on the topic of children and food.  A few months ago we heard from Dr. Lindo Bacon about how the things we’ve learned about obesity might not actually be the whole story.  Then we talked with Ellyn Satter about the approach she devised called Division of Responsibility, which holds the…

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RE-RELEASE: Why storytelling is so important for our children

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 2, 2022

“Storytelling? I’m already reading books to my child – isn’t that enough?” Your child DOES get a lot out of reading books (which is why we’ve done a several episodes on that already, including What children learn from reading books, How to read with your child, and Did you already miss the boat on teaching your toddler how…

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RE-RELEASE: How to read with your child with Dr. Laura Froyen

By Jen Lumanlan | Dec 19, 2021

Way, waaay back in Episode 3, we wondered whether we had missed the boat on teaching our babies to read (didn’t you teach your baby how to read?). We eventually decided that we hadn’t, but given that many parents have a goal of instilling a love of reading into their children, what’s the best way to go about…

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RE-RELEASE: Parenting beyond pink and blue with Dr. Christia Brown

By Jen Lumanlan | Dec 5, 2021

Today I join forces with Malaika Dower of the How to Get Away with Parenting podcast to interview Dr. Christia Brown, who is a Professor of Developmental and Social Psychology at the University of Kentucky, where she studies the development of gender identity and children’s experience of gender discrimination.  Dr. Brown’s book, Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue (Affiliate link), helps parents to…

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RE-RELEASE: Why isn’t my child grateful with Dr. Jonathan Tudge

By Jen Lumanlan | Nov 21, 2021

“I spent the whole morning painting and doing origami and felting projects with my daughter – and not only did she not say “thank you,” but she refused to help clean up!” (I actually said this myself this morning:-)) “We took our son to Disneyland and went on every ride he wanted to go on…

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