099: How to parent highly sensitive children

In this episode, Dr. Michael Pluess provides valuable guidance on understanding and parenting highly sensitive children. If you suspect your child is highly sensitive or are new to the concept, this discussion will equip you with insights to better support your child’s unique needs. Discover effective strategies for nurturing their sensitivity and empowering them to flourish and fulfill their potential.

128: Should I Redshirt My Child?

Discover the redshirting phenomenon and its implications for parents considering holding their child back a year before kindergarten or first grade. Explores the origins of redshirting in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” and addresses the concerns raised by statisticians regarding its statistical claims. Gain insights into how redshirting may affect your child’s individual development and the classroom dynamics.

068: Do I HAVE to pretend play with my child?

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the educational aspects of fantasy play in children with Dr. Ansley Gilpin. Discover the significance of this form of play and its connection to executive function, and find out what to do if you’re not particularly fond of participating in pretend play with your child.

052: Grit: The unique factor in your child’s success?

Delve into the concept of “grit” and its impact on achieving success, as advocated by Professor Angela Duckworth. Uncover the importance of grit in personal and academic accomplishments, gain insights into nurturing grit in children, and explore its role and limitations in securing success.