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Screens in the time of COVID: Why it’s OK to let loose!

Could more screen time actually benefit my child? Remember playing the telephone game at school and summer camp? The leader would give a message like, “There’s supposed to be a storm tonight with thunder and lightning.” Everyone whispered the message to the person next to them and by the time the statement got to the…

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Want to stop playing Tug of War with your child?

“Please put your shoes away.” “I don’t want to.” “Put your shoes away now.” “No!” “If you don’t put them away you can’t watch cartoons tonight, and maybe we won’t have dessert either!” ~sigh~  (A conversation like this has never happened in your house, right?  Didn’t think so.  Mine either😉)  When we ask our child…

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How to keep your child busy (and learning!) while you work

I’m guessing you’re feeling somewhere between ‘just keeping it together’ and ‘sheer panic’ right now.  Perhaps you previously had one or some of your child(ren) at home with you…and now they’re all around all the time. Or maybe you work outside the home and now you’re trying to do that inside the home…while being attacked by…

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Why children ask ‘why?’ – and how to stop it from driving you crazy

‘Building a foundation for life-long learning’ is a common phrase to find in school mission statements, yet student motivation is an ongoing concern in public education: children’s engagement with learning actually decreases as time spent in traditional school increases. For parents of preschoolers, this news may be surprising.  After all, our young children have an…

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