Emotional Regulation

177: Three ways to be a good parent, even on bad days

By Jen Lumanlan | Feb 5, 2023

In this episode, we explore the reasons behind challenging parenting days, delving into factors such as child and parent temperament, attachment relationships, trauma, and neurodivergences. We also provide three valuable strategies for navigating these challenging days with more grace and minimizing the need for apologies.

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176: How to begin healing shame with A.J. Bond

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 29, 2023

In this episode, we explore the complex emotion of shame and its origins in our childhood experiences. Our guest, A.J. Bond, shares insights into the different types of shame and how some forms of shame can be helpful. We also delve into the crucial topic of healing from toxic shame to prevent passing it on to our own children.

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Q&A #1: Should I let my child hit me, or a pillow?

By Jen Lumanlan | Jan 22, 2023

Explore the question of how to help your preschooler manage anger in this episode. Should you consider buying inflatable boxing gloves or sticking with hitting a pillow? Delve into the options and their implications to make the best choice for your child.

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174: Support for Neurodivergent Parents with Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian & Sara Goodrich

By Jen Lumanlan | Dec 18, 2022

This episode is dedicated to supporting neurodivergent parents. Dr. A offers insights and resources to help identify neurodivergence in yourself or your partner and find the support you need. It’s especially relevant for parents who may have gone undiagnosed into adulthood.

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A composite image with the title Episode 119: Aligning Your Parenting With Your Values on the top right. On the bottom right is the logo of Your Parenting Mojo with the slogan research-based ideas to help kids thrive, and a picture of the episode’s guests Hannah and Kelty of the Upbringing Podcast on the left side portion of the image.

119: Aligning Your Parenting With Your Values

By Jen Lumanlan | Sep 7, 2020

Uncover the dissonance between our values and parenting practices with the hosts of Upbringing. Explore how to break free from cultural conditioning and foster a parenting approach aligned with empathy, respect, and consent. Embrace compassionate conversations to build meaningful relationships with your children and honor your true values.

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