015: How to support your introverted child

Is your child introverted? Discover how to recognize and nurture their introverted nature, and distinguish it from shyness. Join us as we explore this topic, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, and support your child’s unique personality.

175: I’ll be me; can you be you?

In this highly personal episode, I share my journey of self-diagnosis with autism and how it’s provided clarity and insight into my life experiences. You’ll hear voicemails from my therapist explaining my screening results and conversations with friends about friendship challenges. I address listener feedback, discussing how my podcast episodes are perceived as both helpful and judgmental. The goal is to help you understand yourself better and recognize that your child’s struggles reflect their needs, not a need for fixing. It’s about better understanding and meeting those needs for both you and your child.

165: How grit helps (and how it doesn’t)

Explore the concept of “Doing Hard Things” and how it relates to fostering grit and a love of learning in your child. Discover effective ways to support your child’s learning journey, even if you’re not an expert or lack a teaching credential. This episode delves into these essential aspects of parenting and education.

154: Authoritative isn’t the best Parenting “Style”

Explore the world of parenting styles in this episode, including a surprising statement by Dr. Diana Baumrind, the creator of these styles. We delve into the effectiveness and impacts of different parenting styles, challenging common beliefs. Get ready for a thought-provoking discussion that reevaluates our understanding of authoritative parenting and the research behind it.

RE-RELEASE: Why storytelling is so important for our children

Explore the remarkable world of storytelling and its profound impact on your parent-child relationship, offering valuable insights into your child’s interests and concerns. Learn about the cultural aspects of storytelling and how it influences interactions within the education system.